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Reviews onTika Ikuta


Very nice and really enjoyed the whole process.(massage, nuru massage, happyending, body washing, and more) 
 Look forward to meet her again.

Girl: Tika Ikuta

Reviews onAi Misawa

Mr.Sunday Dreamer

Thank you for the fabulous sexy night. Will be back soon! Take care!

Girl: Ai Misawa

Reviews onMako Fuyutsuki


Not only that she' cute, but her body to body massage and her kindness throughout the session was also wonderful.   

Girl: Mako Fuyutsuki

Reviews onYukie Kotani


She was way better than the photo online!

She is ranked as "Bronze" but I thought she was worth more than that and gave her everything during that 90 minutes time with her. 

Ofcourse happyending was so nice!!

Hoping to see her again soon!

Girl: Yukie Kotani

Reviews onMako Fuyutsuki

Mr.Aichi Yamada

Her massage skill was the kind of skill that I've never encountered in my life before, it was the BEST of all Tokyo sex massage. 

She gave me sexual pleasure using her lips, fingers and words... I couldn't help myself from getting one of the hardest erection of my lifetime! 

Also, what surprised me was that my room was cleaner than it was after the session. Can you believe it? She did a tidy up for me! I was absolutely amazed and convinced why she is the No.1 girl in this sex massage agency. 

I need to make this a routine, to enjoy Mao's massages. Thank you Mao! 

Girl: Mako Fuyutsuki

Reviews onMoe Natsuki


It was a great time being with you Moe!

I had an erotic and relaxing time throughout the session.

You have a pretty smile and your massage technique was great.

Also your nurumassage with a happyending was so good!!

I'll definitely come and see you again! 

Girl: Moe Natsuki

Reviews onYuna Hongou


It was a fun time being with her. 

Hoping to see her soon!

Girl: Yuna Hongou

Reviews onAiri Suzuki


She's the kind of girl that makes me feel like I want to meet her again.
Airi was the best Japanese girl I've ever met at outcall massage in Tokyo.
She doesn't seem to make much attendance but when she does, I want to do my best to meet her!

Girl: Airi Suzuki

Reviews onYui Mizuki


I had a wonderful time.

Your voice is so cute. I cannot touch you, but I wanted to touch so bad....

I'm ready to call you again.

Girl: Yui Mizuki

Reviews onMoe Natsuki

Mr.Lovely hasband

Moe, you have a very attractive big eye.

You are smooth fair skin...

When massage start, you lick me a lot...

I'm very sorry, cause I slept a bit because it felt so good.

Girl: Moe Natsuki

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