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Reviews onAi Misawa

Mr.Sunday Dreamer

Thank you for the fabulous night. Will be back soon! Take care!

Masseuse: Ai Misawa


Reviews onSana Nishino


"Sana" is adorable, so real yet great therapist. 

I will come back soon to take her service again for sure!! 

Masseuse: Sana Nishino


Reviews onHonoka Tachibana


The Moment when I met her the first in my room, I was genuinely seduced by her looking and eyes. It was a wonderful time that I have had spent together with her. I would look forward to seeing her again next time.  

Masseuse: Honoka Tachibana


Reviews onKasumi Sugisaki


"Heaven gives you two things", but, confirmed today an angel given two or more things.

1. Beautiful beyond direct vision
2. Massage The first is good!
3. Massage Part 2 is even better!
4. Brains clear
5. Excellent aesthetic sense

Just a little review and five objects.
It was consentful 130 minutes.

Masseuse: Kasumi Sugisaki


Reviews onHonoka Tachibana


She was a gorgeous lady. 

It was my second time with her, but once again I have had a great time with Honoka.

She is the one perfect beautiful lady you would want to see her again over and over. 

Masseuse: Honoka Tachibana


Reviews onNene Oda

Mr.M (Japanese Customer)

Got paused in the heart, being called out at a meeting.
I asked her to speak frankly as I thought she was a newcomer,
I feel that distance feeling shrunk at once.

Massage is also very pleasant in returning spring, just ascension.
I was healed by the chat after finishing.

I will appoint her again, thank you so much !!

Masseuse: Nene Oda


Reviews onKasumi Sugisaki

Mr.When should I go next time?

Normally, I don't post a review, but I was so surprised with her skills, so I'm posting this review. 

She is the best therapist I've ever met. Sweet and lovely lady...
I'll revisit her soon.

Masseuse: Kasumi Sugisaki


Reviews onSuzu Mano


That was my first time to met her.
Her massage was very good.

She isn't working a lot, but I want to meet her again.

Masseuse: Suzu Mano


Reviews onNozomi Ayase


Thank you for gave me a massage today.
She was really pretty.

She is also good at massage, and I was relaxed and got a massage from her.

Masseuse: Nozomi Ayase


Reviews onNozomi Ayase

Mr.Mr, O

She is very pretty. Wanna meet her again.

Masseuse: Nozomi Ayase


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