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Reviews on Saori Amane

Mr.Gute Figur

Girl's Name: Saori Amane

She is one of my favorite high-level women ever. My first impression of her was that she had a face that I liked so much that my happiness reached the highest level.

We had a pleasant conversation, which eased my nerves, and then it was time to take a bath. Her body wash was very careful and to the point, and I was very excited.

The usual massage was also excellent, and while I was being lulled to sleep moderately, we moved on to sexual sensation. Suddenly, I was turned on and given a bewitching and sultry treatment, which was the best feeling ever! I became addicted to the service and all that was going on while being closely followed by a girl of my liking. The feeling of coercion is an extraordinary experience that I can't get enough of, and it's addicting!

The pillow talk afterwards was also great, and I would definitely return to this girl.

Girl's Name: Saori Amane

Reviews on Yuna Nagano


Girl's Name: Yuna Nagano

It was my first time here and I was very satisfied with the service provided by the girls and the staff.

The girls are very beautiful! And the service was very polite, including the language! The attention to detail was great.

Her style is just right! Her skin was moist and smooth! Smooth skin! Her massage was very good and very comfortable. Her skin was smooth and silky and we had a very close contact, which made me feel very erotic and happy!

It was very good!

Girl's Name: Yuna Nagano

Reviews on Minami Nishino


Girl's Name: Minami Nishino

It has been a long time since I have asked for a grand, free. Thank you for putting a good girl on it.

She was the best. She was very nice. When I talked to her, she was very relaxed, and everything was very comfortable. She has a cute face and smiles as she listens to what you have to say. She was a wonderful woman.

Her style is too good. Her white skin is beautiful. The extreme buttocks. Thank you for the good view.

By the way, she looks prettier than her picture.

Girl's Name: Minami Nishino

Reviews on Seira Tachibana


Girl's Name: Seira Tachibana

It was my first visit to the Wind S! Thank you.

I was very relieved to see that she was as beautiful as her picture. The massage was very nice, and she gave me a full-body lip massage, which is something I don't get very often.

I was also very impressed with her technique of rejuvenation, which made my hips buckle. It was my first time to try prostate massage, but I felt comfortable with it.

She is a valuable source of healing for single men.

The staff were polite and courteous, which is typical of a high-class establishment.

Thank you again!

Girl's Name: Seira Tachibana

Reviews on Arisa Hanamori


Girl's Name: Arisa Hanamori

It was the best play ever. Even though she has only been with us for a short time, she was very serious and went over every inch to make sure we were well taken care of.

Her face is just like her picture, a little more serious than her picture. Her style is perfect, just like a model.

Her massage is very firm on her thin body!
Her rejuvenation technique is of the highest class, and it is hard to believe that she is a young girl, even though she has only just joined our store.

Everything was just too good.

Girl's Name: Arisa Hanamori

Reviews on Hana Kusunoki


Girl's Name: Hana Kusunoki

Since it was my first time using an esthetic salon, I was anxious about how I would feel, but Hana-san's appearance was so cute that my fears were blown away, and I felt woozy from start to finish, and the time passed quickly.

Her calm atmosphere and beautiful eyes were so impressive that I couldn't help but grin when she looked at me. She was leading me gently, and we did such and such things. It had been a while since I had experienced a fresh lover's feeling.

I would like to spend more time with her next time.

Girl's Name: Hana Kusunoki

Reviews on Haruka Harukaze


Girl's Name: Haruka Harukaze

It has been a while since I have used Grand Esthetic Tokyo.
I went to the hotel without high hopes because she was a newcomer. However, I was very satisfied with her beauty and charm at the first contact with her.

I was also pleased with the fact that although she looked like a solid person, she had a few things that were missing. I guess she was nervous because she was the second person to join our store.

As for the content of the play, I was satisfied with her massage because she said she had experience in her previous job. She could be a little more forceful!

The occasional kiss on the body was very nice and exciting. It was very rich and I was able to spend time with her after a hard day's work.

I look forward to seeing you again as I look forward to your future growth. Thank you very much for a wonderful time.

Girl's Name: Haruka Harukaze

Reviews on Yukari Hukagawa


Girl's Name: Yukari Hukagawa

This was my first time using this service and I had a good impression of the staff and their services.

Yukari was a beautiful girl just like her picture, and we had a very pleasant conversation. She was cute, including her shyness.

We had a great conversation during the treatment, and the time flew by.

I had an outburst in the middle of the time due to my problem, but she took good care of me with a foot massage for the rest of the time, and I was very satisfied with the time I spent.

I will ask for your help again.

Girl's Name: Yukari Hukagawa

Reviews on Ruka Himekawa


Girl's Name: Ruka Himekawa

Rika-chan, whom I haven't seen in a while, has become more erotic and cute.

First of all, they eat eclairs together. Ruka-chan is eating an eclair, and it looks like she is sucking a fat dick.

After that, they undress as usual and go to the shower. Her lower body reacts to the erotic touch and close contact as soon as she gets there.

After moving to the bed, the eroticism doubles, and the close contact massage and the attack to the ear make her brain come. Ruka's expression was so cute and erotic that I enjoyed playing with her.

I recommend this girl to those who like to be blamed in a cheerful and enjoyable manner.

Girl's Name: Ruka Himekawa

Reviews on Tsukushi Hujikawa


Girl's Name: Tsukushi Hujikawa

In a word, she is beautiful. She looks like the number one hostess at a high-class club. When I talked to her, she seemed very friendly. Her soft Kansai dialect was also pleasant.

After talking a little, we took a shower.

I couldn't help but look twice at her nice body. Then it was time for the massage. The unique feather touch was so nice that I had never felt anything like it before. I was so excited that I was fluttering my buttocks. I was so embarrassed in front of such a beautiful woman.

After that, she licked my nipples and made me fall. I would like to work with her again.

Girl's Name: Tsukushi Hujikawa

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