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Nuru & Happyending & Erotic Massage in Tokyo,Japan 2023
【Gran Erotic Massage Escort Tokyo】 ★ We are Top-rated Erotic Massage Agency in Tokyo providing Outcall Erotic Massage, Nuru Massage, Happy Ending Massage, Prostate Massage, and more. . 
All escorts are Beautiful Japanese Escort girls.
Contact us by Phone Call or WhatsApp .
【Our Japan Escort Girls】
【How To Use Our Escort Services】
Step 1. Choose your favorite Escort Girl . [Japanese Girls List]
Step 2. Choose a course (session length) . [Prices]
Step 3. Fix a date, a time, and a place to receive massage services. We provide outcall services for customers in the 23 wards of Tokyo . [Hotel Guides]
Step 4. Refer to the content of our services. (Sexual intercourse is prohibited by laws in Japan)
Step 5. Contact us by  03-6450-4413  or WhatsApp . ☆Our English-speaking staff will ask: " Date & Time " " Where to play " " Masseuse's name " " Course (session length) "
↓ ●Our beautiful Japanese Escorts will visit directly to your room!!  Enjoy Japanese Erotic Massage.
★Outcall Area Tokyo Asakusa Shinagawa Ginza Odaiba Roppongi Shibuya Shinjuku Ikebukuro Yokohama etc.
★Open Hour 10:00 AM-4:00 AM (Reception hours are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM) 

Flow of Our Services Japanese erotic escort massage.
・Topless with G-string on ・Intimate soapy body cleansing in the shower ・Gentle pressure massage ・Leg and foot massage ・Arm and shoulder massage ・Back and buttock massage ・Front massage ・Body to body erotic massage ・Arousing stimualtion with lips and tongue ・Nipple-licking ・Face-sitting ・Testicle massage ・Groin lymphatic massage ・Unique hand relief as if it were real sexual intercourse *no sex, no body touch to girls, no blow job, no kissing.
If you want to have a kiss, touch girls body, and blowjob, you might like " Number Five Tokyo " , " Japanese Escort Tokyo ", or MILF Escort Tokyo .

Number Five Tokyo No.1 Erotic Escort Agemcy in TOKYO
No.1 Legal Erotic Escort Agency in Tokyo for Foreigners!   
Number Five Tokyo Number Five is the incall and outcall Japanese Escort provider based in Shinagawa, Tokyo. All of our Japanese Escort Girls are beautiful, adorable, and attractive Japanese young  teen girls. We dispatch teen escort girls, pornstar and more to your house or hotel room in Tokyo and Yokohama. We also have an Incall location in JR Gotanda Station. 
Outcall Delivery Area Tokyo Ginza Roppongi Shibuya Shinjuku Yokohama Ikebukuro Shinagawa and more.
Our Services   Kissing, Erotic Massage, Licking, Fingering, No Skin Blow Job, Titty fuck, Oral, Intercrural Sex and Shower Play. 
Prices   Starting from 30000yen to 40000yen for 1hour 
Open Hours   Open Hour 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM 
★ International Number +81-3-6450-4413 ★ Japanese Number  0364504413 ★WhatsApp   ★Webpage https://www.shinagawa-five.jp/en/
We and our teen girls are waiting for your call :)

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[The word “good-looking” originates from her]

[Beauty that sparkles in the best atmosphere]

The moment we met, I said, ``I've been waiting for a woman like this.''
You will definitely be impressed.
Surrounded by an elegant and cute atmosphere
She is a bright and charming therapist.

It attracts the attention of men passing by on the street.
Outstanding style and noble atmosphere.

Transparent white soft skin,
The contrast between the glossy curvature and well-shaped beautiful breasts is
It truly looks like a first-class sculpture.

Her big, moist eyes suck you in, and she has a devilish gaze that would make any selfish person listen to her.
However, I love how caring and worried he is.

She not only has the composure of a mature woman, but also has a friendly and gentle demeanor.

Above all, he is very serious and works hard.
Of course it looks perfect,
Fascinated by the beauty that overflows from within
You will be sure to have a pleasant time.

Because I love close contact,
Her erotic and skillful use of her hips is a must-see.
You will be charmed by the lover's atmosphere.

I also feel that I am getting a solid response from my aesthetic sense.
Coupled with his serious personality, he is able to improve quickly,
The more I practice, the harder I work.

Of course, we will continue to provide stable esthetics technology in the future.
It's only a matter of time before you reach professional level.

Yukino, a beautiful woman with infinite growth potential.
Please indulge in various pleasures!

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About us

Erotic Massage

Experience the pinnacle of Tokyo Erotic Massage with our skilled therapists. Dive into a world of relaxation and pleasure, where our beautiful Japanese escort girls provide a sensual, adult massage tailored to your desires. Each session is a journey of sensory delights, ensuring you discover the true essence of Japanese erotic massage.

Nuru massage

Our Nuru massage offers a unique experience that originated from Japan. Our therapists apply nuru oil over both her and your nude bodies, creating a slippery surface for an intimate body-to-body massage. This traditional technique ensures a deep connection and sensual relaxation. With every slide and touch, you'll feel the centuries-old traditions blending seamlessly with modern sensuality.

Full Body Massage

In Japan, FBM or Full Body Massage is simple body massage and easy to understand even by layman. In full body massage, girl massage whole body except private parts in most of full body massage sessions. Massage therapist can use massage oil or cream to do body massage from head to toe. It is more relaxing and refreshment massage for all and simply accepting by all. Full body massage service helping to massage seeker in sleeping patterns, healing up tissues, it helps to optimizing the body flexibility. Our erotic full body massage end with happy ending.

Happy Ending Massage

Indulge in the ultimate Happy Ending Massage we offer. Our Japanese escorts ensure a satisfying conclusion to your massage session, leaving you in a state of bliss and contentment. It's the perfect blend of sex techniques and massage pleasure. Our Tokyo escort massage is renowned for its Great services.

Tokyo Outcall Massage

For those seeking convenience, our Tokyo outcall massage service is the perfect choice. Whether you're in a hotel or at home, our skilled therapists will come to you, providing a top-notch erotic massage experience right at your doorstep. Nuru massage, happy ending massage, prostate massage, body to body massage, full body oil massage, shower play, hand job, and beautiful sexy Japanese girl is waiting for you.

Tokyo GFE

Experience Tokyo GFE (Girlfriend Experience) with our elegant Japanese escorts. More than just a massage, we offer a genuine, intimate connection. Feel the warmth, understanding, and affection of our beautiful Japanese therapists, ensuring a memorable time in Japan. Our Tokyo GFE is designed to make you feel cherished, offering a blend of companionship and passion that's hard to find elsewhere.

Japanese Escorts

Our escorts are all Beautiful Japanese girls. Hot sexy young girls and ladies are professionals therapists. We’ve choosen the best girls by the most important criteria: beauty, elegancy, sexyness, discretion, massage training, empathy and talent for this kind of nude erotic massage. Available 10:00am to 4:00a.m. for outcall massage in Tokyo and incall massage.

Selfies by Japanese escorts

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Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo offers erotic massage(dirty massage) like a Massage Porn Videos for Foreigners in Tokyo. We offer a variety of massages tailored specifically for men. Experience the invigorating sensation of a body rub, designed to soothe and restore your body's natural balance. Our exotic massage, inspired by techniques from around the world, is a unique journey of sensory exploration. For those seeking a deeper connection with their body, our nude massage, also referred to as a 'naked massage,' allows you to experience the full benefits of our treatments in a state of complete relaxation. Please note, this term simply refers to the client being unclothed and appropriately draped for comfort and privacy. Our adult massages are not just about sensual relief, but also about achieving a state of mental tranquility. We are committed to providing a respectful and comfortable environment for all our clients.

Beautiful Japanese Escorts

More than 100 Japanese girls, from Pornstars to Teens will escort you. At first our beautiful escorts becomes topless wearing only a G-string(thong), and washes your body with soft soapsuds and her tits.
Then she starts massaging your whole body, including penis, testicle, groin, prostate, etc. While massaging, she licks your nipples, and sits on your face, arousing sexual sensations. And our escort girls gives handjob in Tokyo way which is Japanese original sex technic. Escorted by masseuse, you will reach blissful ejaculation. Actually, she provides more and more erotic services, so our customers say our massage is far more pleasant than sexual intercourse.


Secret Retreat Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo
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