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Promises For Customers

Our 5 Promises For Customers

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is a high-grade erotic esthetic salon produced by Cinderella Fc Group, a leading group in the Fuzoku industry.
Thanks to our long-standing faithful customers, we have been able to grow so far.
In order to develop our trust and brand image, we promise five things to customers, and preserve in our efforts to make Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo the best erotic esthetic salon in this industry.

No false information about masseuses, services, prices, etc.

Masseuses' profile pictures are not modified. All of them are 20-34 years old and have both beautiful looks and outstanding figure.

We are applying strict standards of employment. All ladies who don't satisfying the standards will never be employed.

Masseuses you will meet are only selected ladies, both nominally and virtually.

We also guarantee the quality of massage, for a professional esthetician supervises our salon. All of masseuses are highly-skilled in massage.

We strictly keep to time (starting time, session time, etc.)

If we are forced to be late by traffic conditions, etc., we will contact you in advance of the starting time.
We will never be late without notice.

Also, the session time will never be shortened.
We make full use of customers' precious time, and provide the best services.

We offer high-grade supplies (towels and oils) suitable for our brand image

Masseuses bring clean large size towels. Your personal belongings and equipment of the room you stay in will never be used.

Also, our masseuses use skin-friendly and water-soluble oils.

Touch your skin after oil massage, and experience the difference from oils of ordinary salons.

Customers' personal information is kept strictly confidential

Needless to say, customers' personal information is transferred to storage terminals under tight security.

We take thorough measures to avoid the leakage of information.

Personal information will never be disclosed to masseuses.
Please call us without anxiety.

No risks of contracting STDs (sexually-transmitted disease)

There is an increasing number of both men and women who get infected with STDs mucosally by services of fashion health clubs from year to year.

Accordingly, these days, many customers select Fuzoku (erotic) shops offering light and safe services.
We are paying the closest attention to keep our services safe, so you will never be infected with STDs via our services.

Enjoy our erotic esthetics harmonizing healing and sexual sensations, without any anxiety.