For credit card payment, please call us at 03-6450-4413

  • ・Credit card payments incur 15% additional charges.
  • ・Once the transaction has been authorised, changes of the payment method is not available.

Important Reminders and Precautions


In the case when we (our companion or the staff members) consider that the conditions of service are not abided by you, the masseuse will stop servicing you immediately and leave the room. Your money will not be refunded in this case.

We may also report the incident and accompany you to the Police, then claim for any damages caused by you.

Banned Activities

  • 1. Full-service or demands for them.
  • 2. Any offensive behavior (physically or verbally); including threatening or violence.
  • 3. Any recording including photos, movies, audios without permission.
  • 4. Use of illegal drug, or offering them to the masseuse.
  • 5. Talent scouting of the girls.
  • 6. Asking for private dating or relationship against the girl's will.

Restrictions for the use of Our Services

  • 1. The person who is under the age of 18 years old or high school students.
  • 2. The person who is belonging to or relating to anti-social organizations or the adult industry.
  • 3. The person who is drunk or unsanitary for the masseuse to provide proper services.
  • 4. The person with STIs (sexually transmitted infections) or being suspected of STIs.
  • 5. The person who is under the influence of any illegal drug.
  • 6. Place where proper showering facilities are not available.
  • 7. The situation where more than one person is present in a room or house.
  • 8. The person who is difficult to be contacted through his mobile phone by us.
  • 9. Other cases where the service is trying to be provided appropriately, at the sole discretion of the masseuse or the staff members.