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  2. Advantages of our salon

Advantages of our salon

Advantages of our salon

We, Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo, pursue outstanding high quality that you cannot get from other Fuzoku sexual massage agents.
Please enjoy our proud high-class erotic Fuzoku massage for customer satisfaction.

Outstanding quality of our high-class masseuses

Good looks and figures are guaranteed of course.

We employ attractive ladies only that general men feel like asking out.

Also, we have no interest in other ladies but sexy feminines with politeness and caring heart, which means inner beauty.

We promise you will be satisfied with our "high-quality ladies" for sure even if you do not nominate a particular girl. (We call no-nomination "free" in Japan.)

*Our strict adoption rate is 1/15-20.

High-quality of massage skill and service

"Just erotic" is not enough as Fuzoku sexual massage.

Surely, all of those ladies are naturally erotic enough to be interested in Fuzoku sexual massage, but we do not call it high-quality service when the masseuse does not have good massage skill.

We can say our massage skill is much better than other agencies because we have training program by a professional massage instructor.

We keep providing massage training regularly from the start to improve the skill of our masseuses.

Not many Fuzoku sexual massage agents focus both of body treatment and sexual pleasure.

Our ladies massage your whole body slowly and accurately so that your body feels light after the session or next morning.

Fulfilling service, no need for extra

Our service has no optional service.

You often see options in other Fuzoku sexual massage like girl's topless or licking service on your body.

But these options are tricky.

・The basic course is too simple and plain to get satisfied.

・Obviously, they give you different service and attitude if you do not add options.

・The price becomes as high as first-class massage salon after all when you add options.

・Masseuses judge your sexual propensities by which option you choose.

These are so true sadly.

However, an agent like us always offer only one type course of same quality as our basic course has satisfactory service.

Moreover, we have topless, licking service, facesitting with G-string pantie, and even hot body-to-body wash during shower time, in the basic course.

And our steamy erotic Kaishun hand-job gives you feel as if you have sex.

Therefore, our basic course engages the best Fuzoku sexual massage.

The quality of fascinating eroticism (Kaishun) on the concept of pseudo-sex

Kaishun sexual-feeling massage of super body-to-body style is fascinating eroticism on the concept of pseudo-sex.

You can enjoy blissful time feeling the soft skin of beautiful topless masseuse with a G-string pantie only.

Just relax and surrender yourself into the arms of her, then you will have heavenly cum and deep ecstasy with erotic massage.

In addition, our masseuse cares your body with gentle body wash in the shower time.

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is a high-class Fuzoku sexual massage agent that is good about not only the good ladies, aroma oil massage, and service, but also erotic fun.