FAQ or Essential information for first time customers.

Are the ages or profiles of girls true?
Do the girls consist only of high-quality Japanese girl?

The profiles are true.
"The Best Erotic Massage provider in Tokyo" is our goal.

We are particular about the quality of girls as well as the contents of service to let our customers obtain unsurpassed satisfaction.

As described on this website, all of our girls are Japanese are youthfully charming, and others are maturely glamorous.

We also emphasize looks, figures, and personalities when hiring girls. In conclusion, you'll never draw a blank, so choose the girls you like without anxiety.

Are massage techniques reliable?

We do esthetics training supervised by an expert in esthetics compulsory.

All of our girls, including experience in esthetics, is required to take training when joining Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo and to take periodic training after joining. This means that you'll be massaged only by highly skilled masseuses.

In this supreme erotic esthetic salon, you'll be addicted to the beautiful combination of Eros and relaxation.

Can I change the girls or cancel the course just before the start?

We're sorry, but you can't.

We are committed to hiring and educating the masseuses, so every girl is highly recommended.
We promise that you'll never want to change or cancel.

Do you guys provide full-service? Can I have sex?

Our service isn't included full-service (sex.)
Because of the law in Japan (Anti-Prostitution Act), offering sexual intercourse in exchange for money is strictly prohibited.

Can I have a threesome?

We are happy to provide threesome massage.
Some girls aren't available for the threesome massage, so please check girl's profile to find out.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, we can write a receipt.

If you need one, feel free to ask our staff to write when making an appointment on the telephone.

Can I choose an oil?

Of course, you can.

A masseuse has an unscented oil and various flavor oils. Feel free to tell her which is your favorite.

By the way, we use skin-friendly and water-soluble aroma oils.

Unlike mineral oil used in many esthetic salons, our oils don't leave stickiness on your skin.

Touch your skin after esthetics, and experience the difference.

I'm afraid that the room might be stained and that my personal belongings might be used.

We swear to you that the girl never uses your personal belongings and equipment of the room you stay in.

They bring you the necessary items for the service, such as clean large size towels.

Without worrying about trifles, enjoy an obscene body-to-body massage by stunning beauties.

Can I have a date with masseuses? GFE?

Yes, Private Dating Course enables you to date with your favorite masseuse.

Usually, you can meet a girl only while receiving a massage, but, by this course, you can meet her outside a building.
You can have dinner at a fancy restaurant in Tokyo, go to a movie theater, or enjoy conversation with her.
At last, you escort her to a hotel room and enjoy an erotic and sensual massage by her.

For further information, please refer to the "Private Dating Course" page.

Do I need a Japanese phone number?

The Japanese phone number isn't necessary, but you need to have a phone number (phone number from oversea works too.)

We ask customers to call us about an hour before sending girls to your room, to confirm they are certainly in the room.

If you are staying at the hotel (expect love hotel), you can call from your room and make an appointment.

Can I make an appointment on the landline telephone? Can I withhold my number?

Yes, you can call from only your hotel room. If you are using a landline telephone, we need to call back your room and make sure you are actually staying there. To confirm, we need your name which uses for book hotel and room number.

I don't speak Japanese. Can anyone speak English?

Don't worry. Our receptionists can speak English. Also, our girls can speak a bit of English.

Feel free to call us and ask questions in English!

Do you accept all visitors? Do you refuse customers who don't speak Japanese?

We accept all customers regardless of nationality, race, and religion.

Unfortunately, many Fuzoku shops are refusing overseas customers.
But, they don't have an intention to discriminate. They are just unable to communicate with customers who don't speak Japanese.

On the other hand, Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo provides the official website in English and English-speaking receptionist.
If you feel uneasy about speaking Japanese, Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is the best erotic massage parlor for you.

Can I get a discount?

We are very sorry.
Usually, we don't discount, but sometimes we have a special discount. Please check our event banner which is top on our webpage.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept payments by credit card.

We cooperate with Star Payment Corporation, the primary collection agency in Japan, making payment by credit card easy and safe.

VISA and MasterCard are accepted for Internet payment.

>> More info about Credit cards

Do you accept foreign currencies?

We're afraid, but you can't pay by foreign currencies.
We accept Japanese yen and credit cards as payment methods.

It's my first time, so I don't know how it works and what to do.

Let us explain about that.

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo offers the "outcall" service.

All you need to do is tell us "Course (Session Length)," "Girl's Name" and "Starting Time" by phone or WhatsApp. Then, please wait for the girl until the appointment time at ease.

If anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us.

>> More info about How to use

From when can I make an appointment?

Appointment by telephone is available two days before the session date.

Booking by WhatsApp is available three days before the session date.
*If you want to make an appointment ofthesession of that day, you need tomake it by telephone.

If anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I refuse some of the services?

Of course, you can.

Testicle massage, prostate massage, and groin massage are very effective in Kaishun (rejuvenating virility), but it is true that some customers don't like these massage.

Our goal is to provide supreme healing and sexual sensations to customers.
We never coerce all of the services.

I want to use Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo while in Tokyo on business. Can you send girls to any hotel?

Some basic hotels and some business hotels are unavailable.
Almost all love hotels are available.

We can let you know which hotel is available, so contact us without hesitation.

You can check out more detail on hotel guide as well.

>> More info about Hotel in Tokyo

Can I use your erotic massage service to entertain my guests?

We will be delighted if you use our salon for such purpose.

Our masseuses are top-notch in this industry in that they acquire manners.
We guarantee your guests will be greatly satisfied with our services and masseuses.

Your friends, guests, or business partners.
Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo offers the best services for you and your precious people.

I would like to know whether Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is legal or not.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Please don't worry. Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is a perfectly legal massage parlor.
As long as you keep rules of us, both you and we will never be illegal.

And needless to say, we don't have any connection between antisocial groups.
We stubbornly continue to refuse customers and applicants belonging to such groups.
Please feel free to use Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo without anxiety.

Is love hotel fee include?

Love hotel fee is separated. You need to pay at the love hotel. It usually cost 3500yen to 5000yen in Gotanda area.

Can you send girls to a nearby airport (E.g., Haneda airport or Narita airport)

Yes, we can send girls to a nearby airport.

Narita airport is a bit far from our office, so please call us to find out if you can have girls.

Do you guys use any SNS to make an appointment? (e.g., wechat, LINE, WhatsApp, Twitter, FaceBook)

We have WhatsApp.
Click the button "Whatsapp" below or add "+81 3-6450-4413" to see our account "Tokyo Escort Club".

Tokyo Escort Club
Gran Erotic Massage


+81 3-6450-4413

Can I ask for additional option services after I met the girl?

Of course you can add option services after meeting our girls.
If you want additional option serice, please ask the girl or call us.

How can I extend the session time after service started?

If you want to extend the session time, please tell our girls how long you want to extend.

Can I write a review?

Of course we appreciate your review.
You can post your review on Reviews page.

Are your girls all Japanese girls?

Yes, our girls are all Japanese girls.
And we think JAPANESE GIRLS are THE BEST of all.

>> Please take a look at our girls

How long will it take for your girls to arrive to me?

If you are close from us, waiting time will be about a 10minutes.
It depends on distance, traffic conditions and time of day.

Is there a girl who can speak English fluently?

Yes, some of girls can speak English fluently.
Ask our receptionists for which girl can speak English well.

Can you deliver your girl to Ginza?

YES, we deliver our Japanese girls to your hotel or house in 23 ward of Tokyo and Yokohama area.
Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Gotannda, Ikebukuro, Chiyoda, Meguro, Ebisu and Odaiba are of course available.

Is it legal? It is not an illegal sex industry, is it?

Of course, we are a legal erotic massage provider, so please don't worry. We have followed the procedures required by Japanese law and have been in business since 2003. So please do not worry and enjoy the best service in Tokyo.

Is there a risk of contracting STDs through your service?

Please do not worry. Our girls are tested monthly for STDs, and if the girl is infected with an STD, we have a rule that girl will not be allowed to work until she is completely cured.

What are the fees?

The fee is the total of the Course fee and Delivery Fee. More details are available on the Prices page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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