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Reviews on156. Maki Sendo

Mr.Beside of Tokyo

I had really fun and happy time with her.

Thank you.

I got nervous but massage was really good.

I'll see you when I'm in Tokyo.

Masseuse: 156. Maki Sendo


Reviews on154. Nozomi Ayase

Mr.My house T(Japanese customer)

I was so happy, because she was really cute.

I knocked out with her cute and beautiful smile.

I had really good time and time past so fast.

For sure, I'll see her soon.

Masseuse: 154. Nozomi Ayase


Reviews onYui Kawahara

Mr.S(Japanese customer)

I had her on Aug, 3.

I had really good time.

I nocked out so, next time I'll revenge you lol

Masseuse: Yui Kawahara


Reviews onEri Katase

Mr.Saitou(Japanese customer)

I booked her tonight because I was intersted in her.

She is better than her picture, cute and beautiful. Also good body.

I was kind of nervous before she came, but we had good talk. there was some accident in the bath but she did great.

Massage was also good.

Please make me feel good, when we have time...

Masseuse: Eri Katase


Reviews on124. Himari Kinomi

Mr.Kyama(Japanese customer)

Her skill was the best.

She also is cute and good looking.

It was like dream...

I'm going to see her soon.

Masseuse: 124. Himari Kinomi


Reviews onNana Misono

Mr.Satobi (Japanese customer)

I'm interested in her since I used your service.

She is fashonable and nice lady.

I thought she is not like that(from her profile and blog)

Massage was good. My shoulder pain and back pain gets getter.

Also my....

I surprisingly moan in the bed, because she was really good.

I hope to see her soon!

Masseuse: Nana Misono


Reviews on157. Minami Mizuki

Mr.KS(Japanese customer)

She has beautiful legs and face.

I have played with many ladies, but she has the best technique.

I was so exited, because I didn't think there is perfect lady like her exist in this world.

If you meet her, you cannot forget her. She is perfect therapist.

Masseuse: 157. Minami Mizuki


Reviews on005. Honoka Tachibana

Mr.M(Japanese customer)

As I thought, I got too tired.

Ms. Honoka thoroughly took away my fatigue of body and mind.
Thanks to that, I was able to sleep like a log at the lounge of Haneda Airport and on a plane to Shikoku.

Masseuse: 005. Honoka Tachibana


Reviews onChiharu Wakana

Mr.Y(Japanese customer)

Chiharu is sincere, dedicated, and she laughs prettily. Greatly satisfied.

Masseuse: Chiharu Wakana


Reviews on161. Herena Sumeragi


Ms. Herena is a highly-skilled masseuse.
She also acquires a sophisticated way of talking, and moreover, I love her brilliant smile.

I couldn't believe she had never worked in this industry.

Clear head and beautiful figure.

I know, if I recommend Ms. Herena, everyone books her and it'll become difficult to receive her massage before long, but I post this review to cheer her.

Ms. Herena is such a wonderful lady that I think so.

Masseuse: 161. Herena Sumeragi


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