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Reviews onMiharu Nanasawa

Mr.Tokyo TW (Japanese Customer)

Thank you for the last morning.

I was so excited to see you. I'm sure you were sleepy, but I asked for extending.

I was so relaxed.

I feel like I forget everything bad. You are a kind and lovely lady.

I usually don't write reviews, but for your service.

Masseuse: Miharu Nanasawa


Reviews onNozomi Ayase

Mr.Yamada of Hills Gotanda (Japanese Customer)

I love how you gave massage to me.
You are so nice to kind.
I had a great time with you :)

I'm looking for Santa or Rudolph lol

Masseuse: Nozomi Ayase


Reviews onChiharu Wakana

Mr.Ken (Japanese Customer)

I always check your diary.

I look forward to seeing you.

I like how you dress.

I hope you'll wait for me.

Masseuse: Chiharu Wakana


Reviews onChiharu Wakana


I really like you in the photo. I want to talk to you so bad. I think talking to you, make feel really good!

Masseuse: Chiharu Wakana


Reviews onRin Miyashita

Mr.Take No Mura (Japanese Customer)

She is so beautiful.

I'm wondering why such a beautiful lady like her do naughty things to me.

Thank you for the fun time.

Masseuse: Rin Miyashita


Reviews onMomoka Hanazawa

Mr.Kenken (Japanese Customer)

Osaka accent is wonderful!

I'm waiting for your schedule to update.

Masseuse: Momoka Hanazawa


Reviews onMiina Kisaki

Mr.Prince of Gotanda


You are so cute and naughty.
I'll visit you again soon.

She is better than the picture!

Masseuse: Miina Kisaki


Reviews onHimari Kinomi

Mr.H (Japanese Customer

She has a nice body and cute.
She is an outgoing and good person, so you will have a fun time even you are shy.

She has good massage skill as well.

I'm so relaxed by her angel smiling. When I about to cum, she became a sweet devil, but that is so kawaii.

I'll choose you again~

Masseuse: Himari Kinomi


Reviews onMizuki Okamura

Mr.jun (Japanese Customer)

I was nervous at the first time we met because you are so cute!

You are an attractive lady. I had a relaxation time.

I'm glad my first time is you!

I'll visit you when I'm in Tokyo next time ^^

Masseuse: Mizuki Okamura


Reviews onChiharu Wakana

Mr.I haven't done yet (Japanese Customer)

She is attractive. 

I want to give everything of me.

I cannot wait to see you soon.

I'll tell you why you are attractive when we meet.

Masseuse: Chiharu Wakana


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