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Reviews onYuna Hirose

Mr.ささき(Japanese customer)

Thank you for the session on June 16th.

In addition to cute face, her massage was very good. I was able to feel pleasant.

If occasion offers, I will book her session again.

Masseuse: Yuna Hirose


Reviews onHimari Kinomi

Mr.えす(Japanese customer)

Thank you very much for today's session.

Massage and erotic things, both were good.

I'd like to receive her massage when I come back to Tokyo from a business trip.

Masseuse: Himari Kinomi


Reviews onAyaka Aihara

Mr.T(Japanese customer)

I was able to have a very happy time.
Skills at massage and Kaishun were high-level. I want to receive a massage from her again.

Masseuse: Ayaka Aihara


Reviews onRui Fujisaki

Mr.n(Japanese customer)

Ms. Rui has a comforting air as well as beautiful looks. My body and mind was totally healed just by talking with her.
Besides them, massage skills are considerable.
I could be satisfied enough, but furthermore, she also has great skills at erotic things. She teased me, and made me ejaculate with a fast and slow motion.

Masseuse: Rui Fujisaki


Reviews onYuri Yoruno


It was a great time with Yuri. 
She is nice and the massage skill is good.
 Hope to see you again in the future.

Masseuse: Yuri Yoruno


Reviews onYurina Shiraishi

Mr.たろう(Japanese customer)

Honestly, I was healed completely by her looks, and I don't remember her massage much.

I like tall, slender, and beautiful women privately, and Ms. Yurina is exactly my ideal type.

I heard that she has been scouted by talent agencies in Aoyama (probably). I was convinced of that when I met her.

I'm not surprised if she is working as a model.

Masseuse: Yurina Shiraishi


Reviews onYuri Yoruno

Mr.HOTの(Japanese customer)

I met her on May 16th.

Ms. Yuri massaged my body carefully and dedicatedly, and that left a good impression on me.

She has a cute face and a good figure... faultless!

I'd like to see her again.

Masseuse: Yuri Yoruno


Reviews onErika Minamino

Mr.AA(Japanese customer)

My body and mind were perfectly healed by her elegant way of talking and caring attitude.

Ms. Erika is slender and beautiful. I tensed up in front of her.

I'll book her session again.

Thank you very much.

Masseuse: Erika Minamino


Reviews onHimari Kinomi

Mr.Y(Japanese customer)

Ms. Himari is adorable, skillful at massage... I really enjoyed the session with her.

Privately, I love her mischievous smiles during chats.

I'll definitely ask her to massage my body again, when I come to Tokyo on business.

Masseuse: Himari Kinomi


Reviews onHonoka Tachibana

Mr.M(Japanese customer)

Today's service was full of hospitality, as usual.

Thank you very much.

I guess her skills at esthetics had improved compared to the last time.

Masseuse: Honoka Tachibana


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