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Reviews onAnna Kujo


Hello, I had such a good massage from Anna, so I decided to leave my comments here. Sorry for my poor English. I was horny when I waited for my next business meeting. I searched Outcall Massage in Tokyo, and I found the store. The store has an excellent website (I checked a lot of escort agency, but I think this store have the best design). The receptionist who picked up my phone was a lovely female person. The service is the only body to body massage and half service because I didn't want to get any STDs.  Anna arrived at my room 20 minutes after I called, exact time receptionist told me. Be honest I surprised, she is the same person in the photos on the website. I would say she is better than pictures. She offered me Japanese tea when I paid to her. After she set up the bed, she took me to the bathroom and washed my body sticking her body, gently touched my son and washed gently. After we took a bath together, she started with a dry massage, she told me used to study at massage school, probably didn't know how to ask in English, so she used google translator and asked me how do I feel good. She put massage oil over my body, gave me nice Nuru massage using her body, while she gave me Nuru massage, she sucked/licked my nipple and all over my body including my foot. She started touching my penis, asked me 'Kimochii?' I'm glad I only knew this Japanese word from a porno. I think she gave me hand-job, but it was better than hand-job. I don't know how to describe that, but I thought she put my penis into her sweet spot. After I came, she gave a gentle hug and kissed, so I decided to stay with her 30 minutes more. 

Good for: Who wants to have a great massage with a super cute Japanese lady 
Bad for: Who wants to talk with the lady in English or your language.

Masseuse: Anna Kujo


Reviews onMinami Mizuki


Minami was great. 

 Beautiful and erotic young lady.  

Had a wonderful time!

Masseuse: Minami Mizuki


Reviews onEmiri Kitagawa

Mr.Ishino (Japanese Customer)

It was a long time no see her. Her beautifulness and sexy aura are getting really good.  I came so fast this time. She is fun to talk. She is the best.

Masseuse: Emiri Kitagawa


Reviews onMarina Kyomoto

Mr.Glasses Gentlmen (Japanese Customer)

Cute smile and a good body. Nice service. I'm so relaxed (´ρ`) I want to see you again (*´∇`)ノ

Masseuse: Marina Kyomoto


Reviews onMinami Mizuki


I like get your service, thank you.

Masseuse: Minami Mizuki


Reviews onYuri Yoruno

Mr.TaroTaro (Japanese Customer)

She looks like a cool beauty lady. When you start talking to her, she is nice and positive. While I was so surprised, her naughty massage start... I had a great night. I'll see you when I'm in Tokyo

Masseuse: Yuri Yoruno


Reviews onNozomi Ayase

Mr.Nice body style gentlman (Japanese Customer)

She is better than the pictures on the website. Good proportion and face. The message was powerful too. I extended the minute.

Masseuse: Nozomi Ayase


Reviews onHimari Kinomi

Mr.Moriken (Japanese Customer)

Thank you for my first time. I'm so happy that I'm into Himari's kindness. I'll choose you again.

Masseuse: Himari Kinomi


Reviews onNozomi Ayase

Mr.Mr.Takai (Japanese Customer)

She is an attractive lady. You talk to her more and more.  I want to know about her more. She is a nice lady. I could have a fun time from start to the end. I'm so relaxed and she cheers for me. I want her dream to come true seriously.  I cheer for you!

Masseuse: Nozomi Ayase


Reviews onMaki Sendo

Mr.Beside of Tokyo

I had really fun and happy time with her.

Thank you.

I got nervous but massage was really good.

I'll see you when I'm in Tokyo.

Masseuse: Maki Sendo


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