FAQ For beginners

Are the ages or profiles of masseuses true?
Do the masseuses consist only of high-quality women?

Thank you for your inquiry.
The profiles are definitely true.
"The Best Erotic Esthetic Salon in Japan" is our goal.

We are particular about the quality of masseuses as well as the contents of service in order to let our customers obtain unsurpassed satisfaction.

As described on this website, all of our masseuses are Japanese and 20-34 years old. Some of them are youthfully charming, and others are maturely glamorous.

Besides ages, we also emphasize looks, figures, and personalities when hiring masseuses. In conclusion, you'll never draw a blank, so choose the masseuse you like without anxiety.

Are massage techniques reliable?

Thank you for your inquiry.
We make esthetics training supervised by expert in esthetics compulsory.

All of our masseuses, including experienced in esthetics, is required to take training when joining Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo and to take periodic training after joining. This means that you'll be massaged only by highly skilled masseuses.

In this supreme erotic esthetic salon, you'll be addicted to the splendid combination of Eros and relaxation.

Can I change the masseuse or cancel the course just before the start?

Thank you for your inquiry.
We're sorry, but you can't.

We are committed to hiring and educating the masseuses, so every masseuse is highly recommended.
We promise that you'll never want to change or cancel.

Can I have a threesome?

Thank you for your inquiry.
We're sorry, but we don't offer a threesome course.

Only with a masseuse, you'll enjoy fascinating erotic esthetics and high-quality oil massage making you forget about the din and bustle.

What's the difference between typical erotic massages and Gran's massage?

Thank you for your inquiry.
Our service is not just a common erotic esthetics, in which massage and ejaculation are conducted separately.

While giving a body-to-body massage with tender skin, a masseuse eases the stiffness by highly-skilled oil massage.

At the same time, sensual massages including groin massage, testicle massage, and lymphatic massage boosts your sexual sensation.

Marvelous ejaculation with a masseuse's entire body gives you the most blissful moment ever.

Our original erotic esthetics, mixing prime relaxation and Eros, is totally different from typical erotic massages.

Can I get a receipt?

Thank you for your inquiry.
Yes, we can write a receipt.

If you need one, feel free to ask our staff to write when making an appointment on the telephone.

Can I choose an oil?

Thank you for your inquiry.
Of course, you can.

A masseuse has an unscented oil and various flavor oils. Feel free to tell her which is your favorite.

By the way, we use skin-friendly and water-soluble aroma oils.

Unlike grapeseed oil used in many esthetic salons, our oils don't leave stickiness on your skin.

Touch your skin after esthetics, and experience the difference.

I'm afraid that the room might be stained and that my personal belongings might be used.

Thank you for your inquiry.
We swear to you that the masseuses never use your personal belongings and equipment of the room you stay in.

They bring you the necessary items for the service, such as clean large size towels.

Without worrying about trifles, just enjoy obscene body-to-body massage by stunning beauties.

Can I make an appointment on the landline telephone? Can I withhold my number?

Thank you for your inquiry.
We're sorry, but you can't make an appointment under these conditions.

Please call us from a mobile phone with your number being displayed.

Customers' personal information is transferred to storage terminals under tight security.
We take thorough measures to avoid the leakage of information. You can be assured that it is safe to call us.

I don't speak Japanese. Can anyone speak English?

Thank you for your inquiry.
Please don't worry, our customer service staffs can speak English.

Also, our masseuses can speak a bit of English.

If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I pay by credit card?

Thank you for your inquiry.
Yes, we accept payments by credit card.

We cooperate with Star Payment Corporation, the major collection agency in Japan, making payment by credit card easy and safe.

VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted for Internet payment.

For further information, please call and ask our operators.

It's my first time, so I don't know how it works and what to do.

Thank you for your inquiry.
Let us explain about that.

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo offers the "outcall" service.

All you need to do is tell us "Course (Session Length)", "Masseuse's Name" and "Starting Time" by phone.
Then, please wait the masseuse until the appointment time at ease.

If anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us.

When can I start making reservations?

Thank you for your inquiry.
Appointment by telephone is available 2 days ahead of time.

Online booking is available 3 days ahead of time.※Appointment on the day (0:00 - 4:00 ) is only available by telephone.

If anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Is a masseuse naked? Can I touch her?

Thank you for your inquiry.
First, let us answer the inquiry about the appearances of masseuses.

They give you a thorough and obscene oil massage with G-string on.
Then, when giving a sensual massage, they become topless, visualizing "Eros."
This titillating appearance can't be seen in your daily life, and it shows its true value in obscene body-to-body massage.
It is surely more sensual than an ordinary naked body.

Second, you can't touch a masseuse.
Also, we don't offer options allowing body contact.
We would like you to do "nothing" throughout a course.
By giving your entire body and heart to pleasure of prime relaxation and fascinating sensual esthetics, you'll feel like you were brought to Shangri-La by the supreme women.

Unlike fashion-health massage, you needn't move hurriedly.
Just by staying there, you'll be amused by relaxation and Eros. Enjoy a time of sheer bliss.

I'd like to use Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo while in Tokyo on business. Can you send a masseuse to any hotel?

Thank you for your inquiry.
Some basic hotels and some business hotels are unavailable.
Almost all love hotels are available.

We can let you know which hotel is available, so contact us without hesitation.