1. Promises For Customers

Promises For Customers

Our 5 Promises For Customers

Our High Class Aesthetic Massage Service is produced by The Cinderella Group which is the most valuable group in this industry.
We could be grown up by many customer's kindness until now.
To assure our constructed credit and brand, our Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo promises this below things.
To enjoy our one of the best Adult Aesthetic Massage Service by customers, we do our best.

No Fake information about Ladies and Services, Prices.

Our female therapist's photos are Not processed. They are truly 20 to 34 years old and looks and style are both one of the most beautiful.

We have strict carrier standards so if a lady is not enough to pass the standards, she'd not pass our bottomline.

We provide ladies who are only qualified and proficient.

They also provide High Quality Aesthetic Massage Technique that they are learning by Professional Aesthetic Massage Instructor.

We promise our time which we inform customers.

If we were delay with traffic reason or some reason, we'd notify you as soon as possible.
We are never late without notification.

We also never shorten the time of the session with a lady.
We provide the best service for you in the time which you give us.

Supplies (Ex. Towels, Oils) are stocked and they are High Class as like our Service.

We always bring Big and Clean Towels so we don't use them of your Home or Hotels.

Our Oils are water soluble so gentle for your skin.

Feel and Compare Your Skin after getting Our Massage and after Another provider Massage.

We Never Leak customers private information.

These are in strict security and moved to memory device and being managed.

To be 100% security of private information we are arranging strong countermeasure.

Also we don't inform our ladies to customer information.
Enjoy our service with no worries.

No risks of sexual disease with using our service.

Sexual disease is increasing with mucosal contact in all gender.

From this reason, this industry's service are becoming safe sexual service. Our service is safe sexual service so you have no risk of sexual disease.

Feel Free to Enjoy our Aesthetic Massage mixed Relaxing and Erotica.