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How to use our Escort services. *Important*
Outcall and Incall Services ★ We are one of Japan’s top-rated Legal Erotic Massage Parlors providing Outcall and Incall services in Tokyo.
★ Only cute Japanese girls. ★ Contact us to make a reservation by Phone Call or WhatsApp .
【Our Prices】 ■70min  : 30,000JPYー ■100min: 40,000JPYー ■130min: 50,000JPYー ■160min: 60,000JPYー [GFE 70min: 16,000JPYー]
Step 1. Choose your favorite masseuse . [Japanese Girls List]
Step 2. Choose a course (session length) . [Prices]
Step 3. Fix a date, a time, and a place to receive massage services. We provide outcall services for customers in the 23 wards of Tokyo . [Hotel Guides]
Step 4. Refer to the content of our services. (Sexual intercourse is prohibited by laws in Japan)
Step 5. Contact us by  03-6450-4413  or WhatsApp . ☆English-speaking staff will ask: " Date & Time " " Where to play " " Masseuse's name " " Course (session length) "
↓ ●Our beautiful Japanese Girls will come directly to your room!! Enjoy your uniquely Japanese erotic massage.
★Outcall Area Tokyo Ginza Odaiba Roppongi Shibuya Shinjuku Ikebukuro Shinagawa Yokohama etc.
★Open Hour 10:00 AM-4:00 AM (Reception hours are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM) 

Our Services Japanese erotic escort massage.
To play videos, you need a browser that supports video tags.
To play videos, you need a browser that supports video tags.
・Topless with G-string on ・Intimate soapy body cleansing in the shower ・Gentle pressure massage ・Leg and foot massage ・Arm and shoulder massage ・Back and buttock massage ・Front massage ・Body to body erotic massage ・Arousing stimualtion with lips and tongue ・Nipple-licking ・Face-sitting ・Testicle massage ・Groin lymphatic massage ・Unique hand relief as if it were real sexual intercourse *no sex, no body touch to girls, no blow job, no kissing.
If you want to have a kiss, touch girls body, and blowjob, you might like " Number Five Tokyo " and " Japanese Escort Tokyo ".

Number Five Tokyo No.1 Erotic Escort Agemcy in TOKYO
No.1 Legal Erotic Escort Agency in Tokyo for Foreigners!   
Number Five Tokyo Number Five is the incall and outcall Japanese Escort provider based in Shinagawa, Tokyo. All of our Japanese Escort Girls are beautiful, adorable, and attractive Japanese young  teen girls. We dispatch teen escort girls, pornstar and more to your house or hotel room in Tokyo and Yokohama. We also have an Incall location in JR Gotanda Station. 
Outcall Delivery Area Tokyo Ginza Roppongi Shibuya Shinjuku Yokohama Ikebukuro Shinagawa and more.
Our Services   Kissing, Erotic Massage, Licking, Fingering, No Skin Blow Job, Titty fuck, Oral, Intercrural Sex and Shower Play. 
Prices   Starting from 30000yen to 40000yen for 1hour 
Open Hours   Open Hour 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM 
★ International Number +81-3-6450-4413 ★ Japanese Number  0364504413 ★WhatsApp   ★Webpage https://www.shinagawa-five.jp/en/
We and our teen girls are waiting for your call :)

Today's Attendance

New Girls

  • 1 Apr

15:00 - 21:30


ID: 638

T158 86(C)/56/85

[Completely inexperienced in the industry] *First of all, I promise not to disappoint your expectations* from the interviewer "The moment I met her, I was captivated by her shocking cuteness. Combined with his humble and easy-going personality, he will definitely receive reservations from many customers. . . ” Neat and clean beauty is so eye-catching with the looks of a female announcer. Face full of transparency and cleanliness kindly smiling eyes And the youthful and supple limbs covered with fine white skin give off an overwhelming charm. Just by touching her honest and carefree smile, you will be invited to a healing paradise. Dedicated, soft-spoken, and friendly personality is attractive She's a good listener and very considerate, so you could say she's the perfect woman. He is still honing his massage skills, but his talent is extraordinary. I am impressed by the way you devote yourself to your customers every day. In a special moment just the two of us, Surrounded by her tenderness and sensual charm, You will experience relaxation and excitement at the same time. her presence is precious Due to various circumstances, the number of working days is also limited. Please make a reservation as soon as possible and fully enjoy her charm. We look forward to your reservation.


  • 写メ
  • 27 Mar

18:00 - 4:00


ID: 640

T160 84(C)/55/84

Obedient and obedient A transparent, unadorned smile Brightness and attention to detail Unforgettable politeness and dignity And friendly kindness... Slender yet comfortable to hold Well-proportioned and attractive body Leg beauty from feminine curvaceousness Fruity that hits a man's instincts directly Fresh feeling from the inside The pure beauty that oozes out stand out more vividly Peaceful, like being with a lover pure white image However, in the secret space of two people From the gaze and the whole body that deceives men's hearts Atmosphere like an aphrodisiac released... It is inevitable to capture a man's heart without reasoning full of elusive charm A good listener also doubles the charm That unpretentious Hard working attitude... Flexible service... keep people's eyes on The very dangerous aphrodisiac that evokes surprises... no more words needed A single flower that bloomed in a dull everyday life... Please heal her soul and body tonight Please fully enjoy the world of luxurious healing.


  • 写メ
  • 25 Mar

16:30 - 0:00


ID: 639

T168 84(B)/56/85

Bustle of the city [Goddess of Healing] who landed on a busy day The long-awaited seal of excitement is now solved here Let me introduce you to Rika Aimi. The gentle flow of time and the warmth of the sun overflowing from her whole body I can't help but stop the flow of time... Full of transparency unique to youth fine snow skin Symbolizes a gentle atmosphere and men's expectations Grown-up glamorous body curves draw erotic curves Nice butt from constriction I can't help but be stimulated by the firm and plump breasts With a smart and warm expression, he said, "I want to heal everyone's fatigue." Tolerance and hospitality beyond age will captivate everyone's heart Contrary to the youthful atmosphere in bed, you can see a rich and glossy "adult woman" It is inevitable to lead everyone to the height of relaxed and hot ecstasy Surrounded by such a peaceful atmosphere, her positive and single-minded efforts Threads of the body and mind that are tense every day It will gently untie you Please enjoy Senmu Ichiya's white skin and eros.


  • 写メ
  • 23 Mar

18:00 - 2:00


ID: 637

T165 88(F)/57/86

Feel the ultimate happiness in [Supreme Beauty Big Tits]! ! Orthodox beautiful face with well-defined features☆ Beautiful fluffy airy hair makes you feel like a girl ♪ You can leave the OL and show your personality A 26-year-old girl who jumped into the ultimate customer service industry. Sharp and cute, impressed by the beauty of her eyes☆ If you make eye contact for more than 5 seconds, it seems that you will not be able to stay calm. Communication skills that are too high for mid-twenties! ! One round, two rounds, or older gentlemen If you get caught by this child, you might end up like a boy who has returned to being a child... Beautiful face, tall, beautiful big breasts, beautiful skin... First of all, I was overwhelmed by its beauty And get drunk with the mood of an adult that slowly oozes out. It will continue to stimulate all your five senses! ! ! A place where she can fully demonstrate her talents for healing, stimulation, relaxation and excitement. That's what you'll find at Gran Esthe Tokyo♪


  • 写メ
  • 21 Mar


ID: 635

T167 85(C)/56/85

☆ ★ No. 1 beauty at a famous store! Electric shock transfer! ☆★Absolute beauty style! Overwhelming model physique beauty ☆ A shockingly popular beauty therapist has transferred to our shop! her looks and style It has both an overwhelming beauty and a model figure. Beautiful and cute, she is a perfect fusion Existence that embodies the ideal of men There is no doubt that the popularity will rise rapidly from now on Her personality is gentle and healing Shy and reserved It is even more attractive, Relieves tension even when meeting for the first time Creates a comfortable atmosphere just to talk Wrapped in her warm aura, sure to be healed And her favorite play is close contact massage While being hugged with that model figure Massage is the perfect moment Her delicate fingertips gently caress my tired body Just by imagining how it unravels, It will be unbearable for customers seeking healing The encounter with her who is proud of our store, It's a special time that you should experience at least once. Please enjoy the time with her who keeps increasing the number of repeaters. We look forward to your reservation.


  • 写メ
  • 19 Mar


ID: 636

T160 83(B)/54/83

[Completely inexperienced in the industry] [Eight-headed beauty with shining looks] Another golden rookie is born at our Gran Esthe Tokyo! The interviewer can't hide his surprise at the orthodox beauty with a well-equipped face. She is a cute S-class beauty that everyone will recognize!! Overwhelmingly slender model figure that stands out from the crowd at our store Big eyes with a strong presence and a very small face... Astonishing eight-headed beauty!!! The moment you meet them, you can see the customers posing with fist pumps in their minds! -Meeting with the finest and most beautiful BODY- A small but well-shaped beautiful breast and a body with a firm constriction Your eyes will be glued to it. Although he is completely inexperienced in this industry, his specialty is teasing, and he has some devilish elements. I feel joy in seeing the man's pleasing appearance and the overflowing endurance juice And she herself feels horny... Just imagining being teased by such a peerless beauty is irresistible!! With a carefree and mischievous smile, this rejuvenating massage is sure to captivate the world's men! I promise that you will be absorbed in saying "I want to see you again". Enjoy the finest moments to your heart's content [Rumi Kagura] All the staff are delighted to be able to deliver the finest "beauty" and eros of chan. We look forward to hearing from you. Hurry up!!


  • 写メ
  • 10 Mar

4 Apr 14:00 - 


ID: 634

T157 82(B)/55/81

She's the kind of girl who captures everyone's heart the moment they meet her eyes. I have a good face A healing atmosphere that overflows from the whole body. The personality is also easy to open up and the heart is healed. Breathtakingly feminine with a seductive vibe Slender and exquisite style. An artistic constriction that seems to make you groan unintentionally Beautiful glossy curves The tight and rounded hip line is excellent. The face exudes loveliness, and the soft atmosphere is just like a "nice woman". The expression of embarrassment and mischief is exactly the healing type. I can't believe I'm a current student We will charm you with a beautiful and bewitching atmosphere. Needless to say, advance reservations are required. Please experience this fateful encounter once. With her full of the spirit of "hospitality" that heals the tired body and mind Please spend a special time. We are looking forward to your reservation.


  • 写メ
  • 9 Mar

15:00 - 23:00


ID: 632

T153 85(E)/56/83

Neat and cute young lady with freshness and cleanliness Delicate pink with an overflowing smile, pale and soft personality Soft tone... What overflows from that body is pure innocence Forbidden scent that makes dreams come true Calm and bright eyes The smile that suddenly charms me is like a comfortable love breeze, sometimes A charming adult sex appeal that can't be hidden... White and soft E cup bust Elastic skin is fine and smooth Powerful pheromone-rich bust and tightness A strong attractive force combined with a beautiful buttocks The gentle atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed just by being together increases your love. Softly colored and bubbling luster and the true cuteness hidden in her A moment overflowing... Filled with healing negative ions About your gentle eyes that look good with a sweet scent You'll forget the passage of time We look forward to your reservation.


  • 写メ
  • 9 Mar

2 Apr 23:30 - 


ID: 633

T154 87(F)/58/85

☆ Roppongi-style beauty with loosely curly long black hair ☆ [Completely inexperienced in the industry] [F cup beauty big breasts] The gap with the appearance is cute A warm and gentle healing system♪ The eye bags that pop up when you smile, and the dimples... A beautiful woman with a clear face, Transform into a cute girl who remains young at the moment you smile! ! I have a small body in the 150 cm range, You will be wrapped in a super moody atmosphere with beautiful F-cup breasts and a bewitching voice. Smells like a slut with long black hair I'm curious about what you can see behind the cute smile ♪ I have no industry experience, Because she has a natural friendliness and an exceptionally feminine charm. Please rest assured! !



Welcome to erotic massage escort in Tokyo! Our beautiful escorts offer clients a variety of body programs for erotic massages in Japan. Our erotic massage escort services will sharpen your senses to the limit! Skilled therapists will help you feel an absolute delight with Japanese erotic massage.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage has its origins in Japan. The word "nuru" means "smooth" in Japanese. This type of therapy differs from other subspecies of massage by one obligatory condition is the use of a special oil or gel. It is a slippery and viscous substance without color. Nuru massage girls or therapists rub their nude body against the client's nude body.

Sensual Massage

Such a procedure in Tokyo is also great for both relaxation the stimulation of muscles. A sensual massage starts with more traditional movements. Nonetheless, such a therapy is more intimate, and the movements themselves are softer, and it can be helpful for you, even if you have never been to the massage parlor in Tokyo. Moreover, the atmosphere here is more intimate, and it helps you feel more relaxed during the session.

Full Body Massage

In Japan, FBM or Full Body Massage is simple body massage and easy to understand even by layman. In full body massage, girl massage whole body except private parts in most of full body massage sessions. Massage therapist can use massage oil or cream to do body massage from head to toe. It is more relaxing and refreshment massage for all and simply accepting by all. Full body massage service helping to massage seeker in sleeping patterns, healing up tissues, it helps to optimizing the body flexibility.

Body to Body Massage

In Tokyo, Body to Body Massage service, female massage therapist give massage with her erotic body to customer. It’s almost nude massage where only private parts covered. Body to body massage is most sensational massage service given by massage therapist because body massage provider always prefer customer’s demands while doing body to body massage. With this massage therapy massage customer can feel wonderful experience and body to body massage therapy helps customer to improve sexual performance for sure.

Japanese Escort Girls

Our escort girls are all Japanese girls. Hot sexy youg girls are experts professionals therapists. We’ve choosen the best girls by the most important criteria: beauty, elegancy, sexyness, discretion, massage training, empathy and talent for this kind of massage. Available 10:00am to 4:00a.m. for outcall massage in Tokyo and incall massage.

Happy Ending Massage

Wonderful session of erotic massage in Tokyo starts with some typical therapeutic movements. However, the atmosphere here is much more romantic, and you can tell that from the beginning. Furthermore, our cute Japanese escorts turns on silent melodies to make you absolutely satisfied. To make even more delighted, the escorts finishes the procedure with a happy ending technique. Such a therapy in Tokyo is also known as a hand job, and it’s aimed to stimulate your erogenous zones and to help you feel even better not only physically but also emotionally. (But in any case it can’t be performed full services or explicit sex or oral sex.)

Selfies by Japanese escorts

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Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo, a high-class outcall and incall escort agency, deliver beautiful Japanese ladies to everywhere in Tokyo. All of our strictly selected top-notch ladies have astonishingly beautiful looks and hospitality minds.
Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo
Perfect Service with Cheap Rates. Japanese Escort Tokyo likes to make sure that the various sexual experiences we provide to our customers take care of their lascivious needs. You can get your preferred erotic contact in a number of different variations and cheap rates packages.
Japanese Escort Tokyo

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Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo
(Escort Agency)
Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo

Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo, a high-class outcall and incall escort agency, deliver beautiful Japanese ladies to everywhere in Tokyo.
All of our strictly selected top-notch ladies have astonishingly beautiful looks and hospitality minds.

Japanese Escort Tokyo
(Escort Agency)
Japanese Escort Tokyo

Perfect Service with Cheap Rates. Japanese Escort Tokyo likes to make sure that the various sexual experiences we provide to our customers take care of their lascivious needs. You can get your preferred erotic contact in a number of different variations and cheap rates packages.

Japanese Sexual Massage Outcall & Incall Escort Agency

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo offers Japanese erotic massage like a Massage Porno Videos for Foreigners in Tokyo.
More than 100 Japanese girls, from Pornstars to Teens will escort you from therapeutic body to body erotic massage, nuru massage, Tokyo blowjob, Sumata, hentai handjob, and to happyending.
It's just like "Massage Porno Videos."

At first Japanese girl becomes topless wearing only a G-string(thong), and washes your body with soft soapsuds and her tits.
Then she starts massaging your whole body, including penis, testicle, groin, prostate, etc.
While massaging, she licks your nipples, and sits on your face, arousing sexual sensations.
And our escort girls gives blowjob in Tokyo way, Sumata which is Japanese original sex technic, and Japanese handjob to you.
Escorted by masseuse, you will reach blissful ejaculation.
Actually, she provides more and more erotic services, so our customers say our massage is far more pleasant than sexual intercourse.


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