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18th June

★¥5,000 Discount ★Unarguably elegant masseuse provides full body therapeutic massage, body to body erotic massage, rejuvenating genital massage, and unique hand relief.

・Topless with G-string on
・Intimate soapy body cleansing in the shower
・Gentle pressure massage
・Leg and foot massage
・Arm and shoulder massage
・Back and buttock massage
・Front massage
・Body to body erotic massage
・Arousing stimualtion with lips and tongue
・Testicle massage
・Groin lymphatic massage
・Unique hand relief as if it were real sexual intercourse

5,000 Yen Discount

18th June


★¥5,000 Discount!! ★

¥30,000 → ¥25,000 !!
¥40,000 → ¥35,000 !!
¥50,000 → ¥45,000 !!
¥60,000 → ¥55,000 !!

The survey is composed of simple questionnaires, which should take only a few minutes to answer. 

Session price for your next appointment will be deducted for ¥5,000. 

Please note that this discount does not apply to the appointment with the masseuse you have met previously. 

Online booking available.

Real Life Photos of Gran's Hot Masseuses

18th June


Open 4:00PM - 4:00AM

18th June


Foreigner friendly.
English spoken here.
Online booking available.