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Reviews on seira Tachibana

Mr.Daphnia spp.

Girl's Name: seira Tachibana

Seira is truly one of a kind. Is there any other woman who is so cute, so erotic, and so skilled?

I've met her many times before, but when I see her, I get this strange feeling of being in a dream.

When I looked at her again from the front, I saw that she was an incredibly beautiful woman who smelled good and had many of the five human senses tortured, and I found myself screaming out loud and feeling embarrassed afterwards.

The staff was very polite and helpful on the phone.

The staff was very polite and helpful on the phone, and it was really nice to be able to reserve a room in advance.

The staff is very polite on the phone, and it's really helpful to reserve a room in advance. Also, even in this day and age, it's a high-class restaurant, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Girl's Name: seira Tachibana

Reviews on Risa Kisaragi


Girl's Name: Risa Kisaragi

Great massage skills.
She is very caring and has great charm. I felt very relaxed and thoughtful of others.
She has a nice smile and a good style.
She's worth meeting for that alone.
Take care of yourself and heal many more people in the future (^^)

Girl's Name: Risa Kisaragi

Reviews on seira Tachibana


Girl's Name: seira Tachibana

There is a saying that the name represents the body.
Seira means (apparently) a noble woman who also appears in the Old Testament.
Seira's looks are truly miraculous, SS-class noblewoman. She is really very beautiful.

And yet, she is easy to get to know and very pretty, without any of the twinge that is characteristic of beautiful women. She can handle any kind of conversation and is very fun to talk to.

But this is only the beginning of the story.

What should be mentioned is the rejuvenating massage.
I'm not going to write about the specifics of the massage, because it's too sordid to do so, but you can spend 130 blissful minutes that will melt your brain and body.
What I also find amazing is that they can handle any situation. For example, if you're a M, they'll give you the S treatment (apparently). For example, if you're a M, she'll take care of you as an S. I've been taking care of myself in the Seira-chan style of lovemaking.

Lastly, a hot spring is a great way to refresh yourself after a single trip, but the effects of a hot spring can be seen after repeated visits over a long period of time.
It's the same with Seira-chan.
The first time is a great first time. But by repeating the process over and over again, the degree of bliss you experience with Seira will increase.

Seira is a miraculous SS-class noble woman.

Girl's Name: seira Tachibana

Reviews on Yuna Nagano


Girl's Name: Yuna Nagano

Even though it was the second time in a very long time, she remembered what we talked about and even what we were wearing last time. I felt embarrassed at my incompetence (laugh).
(laughs) The treatment was also quite powerful and made my body feel much better, but what I should mention is the first body wash. It was a little erotic, and just when I thought he was washing me carefully, he suddenly started scrubbing me hard (laughs). I couldn't get enough of the slow and steady pace.

I was too busy talking to her, but the finish after the massage must have been more erotic than it should have been... I was looking forward to the next time.
If you haven't found a good direction in esthetics, why don't you try Ms. Nagano once?

Thank you very much!

Girl's Name: Yuna Nagano

Reviews on Kanna Kakei


Girl's Name: Kanna Kakei

She is a beautiful woman with no price tag. She has a much sharper face than in her profile, and her eyes are more powerful than ever. If I met her in my daily life, I would find it a little difficult to get close to her and would hesitate to approach her at first. Of course, just because she is beautiful doesn't mean that she is dull or difficult to talk to. The shower time was when she finally came into her own, and after she lightly washed my whole body, her "technique" was unbelievable. It was rare to experience such a good feeling in the shower, and it was torture that I was not allowed to touch her! This is an esthetic salon, after all. (laughs) In the massage, despite her slender body, she has a lot of strength, and she presses and grinds on the pressure points while giving me a wave of feather touches. She was very hospitable and tried to entertain us until the end even though we went over time. I hope to see you again when the timing is right.

Girl's Name: Kanna Kakei

Reviews on Anri Uno


Girl's Name: Anri Uno

I was curious about the photo diary of her outstanding style, so I made a reservation for the first time.

I waited for her with high expectations.
When I met her for the first time, her appearance and body were even more erotic than in her photo diary.
She is cute and has a body like a cartoon.

Her manners and attention to detail were perfect.
It was very soothing.

About the play.

The shower time was beyond my imagination.
I've never had a shower that excited me so much.
This is what it means to be "played with".
I think Anri really likes to be attacked.
I love to be attacked, so I was really into it. It's really a perfect match.
She teased me relentlessly from behind and in front.

I'm getting up just thinking about it.

After we moved separately.

It was powder play.
I felt like I was going crazy.
The chain of pleasure went on forever.

And then...
Prostate play.

I'm not supposed to feel much, but this time I felt really good.
The three points were the prostate, balls, and nipples.
It felt really good.
Even thinking about it now makes me excited.

She also gave me a face sitting position, and I could enjoy her excellent hips and pussy.
I was so happy.

At the end of the session, she covered me in the back cowgirl position and gave me a big discharge.
I moved my hips a lot.

I took it all out. And I was squeezed out.

After we finished, we took a bath together and relaxed.

I really enjoyed it.

I'm looking forward to the next one.

Thank you, Anri-san.

I can't wait to book the next one.

Girl's Name: Anri Uno

Reviews on Anri Uno


Girl's Name: Anri Uno


Thank you very much for the other day.
I am writing this as I remember it a few days later.

It was a happy moment for me even now.
I was looking for more healing than last time, and Anri was able to meet my request.

When I met Anri, she was wearing a long dress. When she took off her coat, I could see the lines of her body.

I was able to have a private conversation with her. I was a little happy.

We took off each other's clothes, and then we were all clothed.
She really has a beautiful body.
Her body is really beautiful, and she is very comfortable to hold. The elasticity of her buttocks is amazing. She has a nice pair of panties.
I was so excited at this point.

Shower time.
She washed me with body soap, but there was another amazing play here.
After applying lotion to Anri's body, she wrapped herself around me.
This felt really good!
It started with a standing hugging feeling, and Anri-san gradually moved down.
She put my breasts between her breasts and played with them.
Such a cute and stylish girl is holding mine and holding it close to her face, looking at me from below.
It's nothing but happiness.
I put my hands on the wall and let her play with me from behind.
I love to be attacked, and Anri loves to attack me.
We're a perfect match for each other.

After we got into the bed, the first thing he did was to focus on massage.
I was so tired that I thought I would skip the prostate.

I was so tired that I decided to skip the prostate. I was especially happy to have her lip me in various places from behind.
My favorite part was the inside of her ears. I was very excited to have her lick my ears.
The play on all fours was also very fulfilling. I wondered how she could be so erotic and devoted. What a good girl, I thought as I was being attacked.
I turned on my back and Anri sat on top of my head.
From there, she licked my nipples.
At the same time, Anri's beautiful big tits were pressed against my face. I couldn't even breathe. I was so happy.
She gradually moved downward and began to ride my face. I was so excited to have my face crushed by her plump ass.

It was so erotic that I ended up asking her to do my prostate again.
I asked her to lick my prostate again. I never thought she would lick me to such an extent...

It felt so good that for the first time in my life, I finished with my prostate being attacked.

I felt happy, accomplished, and weak.

It really feels better than sex.


I am relieved to hear that you are doing well.
Take care of yourself.

I hope to see you again.

Girl's Name: Anri Uno

Reviews on Mai Sirasaka


Girl's Name: Mai Sirasaka

Her looks, style, massage, and rejuvenation are all at the highest level, no doubt about it!
In particular, her overwhelming looks remind me of the former center of Nogizaka made young and cute, and her glossy expression during play reminds me of the popular freelance announcer Tanaka Fat Minami.
She was so cute that I wanted to run away from her. In my opinion, she is the best angel ever.
Her original special move, "Mayan Special," will make you faint in agony. I guess it's going to be hard to get a reservation with all the repeaters...
Also, thank you to the staff for always being so polite.

Girl's Name: Mai Sirasaka

Reviews on Runa Hashimoto


Girl's Name: Runa Hashimoto

I nominated her because her photo was so striking.
She is as neat and clean as her picture. She seems more friendly and gentle than in the picture.
I can see that she is serious at heart.
If you talk to her, you will find that she is intelligent and has a good upbringing. She listened to me talk about my work with great interest. She seems to enjoy meeting different people and growing through her work at Gran.
She has a beautiful white butt.
This butt is addictive.
Rare attendance! I can't wait to go to work.

Girl's Name: Runa Hashimoto

Reviews on seira Tachibana


Girl's Name: seira Tachibana

It's been a long time since I've seen Seira-san, and she's once again so great that I can't put it into words.

I was attracted by her dazzling smile, soothed by the way she talked and massaged me, and my brain was turned to Toronto by her erotic attacks.

I was so excited that I let out a little bit of cum once, and after I managed to stop it, I restarted it and had an emotional finish, so in effect, I let out twice.

I was a little tired, but I was very satisfied.
Of course I will go see Seira again!

Girl's Name: seira Tachibana

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