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Recruitment of Masseuses

Application Guidelines

Salon name Secret Retreat Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo
Type of
High-grade erotic esthetic salon (Kaishun, sensual esthetics, and outcall massage)
  • 20 to 34-year-old only Japanese lady
  • Person who has basic morals, and who is able to deal with customers cheerfully with a smile
  • Person who likes to be appreciated, and who is interested in the relaxation industry
  • Person who wants to earn considerable money by safe job, and who wants to learn the skills of esthetics (beauty treatment)
  • Experience is not necessary. Esthetic massage training is conducted by professional woman instructors, and the instruction manual is distributed, so even inexperienced people can work.
  • We are also looking for applicants with experience. Make full use of the skills you have cultivated. Experienced applicants will be paid well from the date of entering.
  • 70 minutes (the shortest course): 20,500 yen (the highest in the industry)
  • You can earn 100,000 yen in a day.
  • You can earn 2,000,000 yen in a month.
  • Over 70% of proceeds will be paid (the highest in the industry).
  • All (100%) of nomination fees will be paid.
  • *In accordance with your request, we will arrange a plan which enables you to reach your target amount of money surely.
    We guarantee much higher wages than fashion-health clubs and brothels.

  • 4 minutes walk from the east entrance of Gotanda Station (JR Line)
  • 4 minutes walk from Gotanda Station (Tokyu Ikegami Line)
  • 2 minutes walk from A5 entrance of Gotanda Station (Toei Asakusa Line)
  • *Gotanda, Shinagawa Ward is a nice and favorable area, even if compared to other areas inside the Yamanote Line.
    Gotanda Station is very convenient, because it's located 5 minutes from Shinagawa Station, 7 minutes from Shibuya Station, 14 minutes from Shinjuku Station, and 10 minutes from Shimbashi Station. Moreover, from Gotanda Station, you can go to Akihabara Station, Ueno Station, and Ikebukuro Station without changing.

  • The whole amount of wages will be paid by the day.
  • Wages can be raised.
  • All (100%) of a nomination fee will be paid.
  • A certain amount of wages (calculated by the hour) is guaranteed, if you have no option but to wait customers throughout the working time.
  • Special allowances will be paid when you get media exposure or take an interview.
  • 2,000,000 yen monthly wage is guaranteed.
  • 300,000 yen will be paid to congratulate entering.
  • 50,000 yen will be paid each time you introduce your friends or acquaintances to us and she starts working in our salon.
  • No quotas or fines.
  • We manage a front company, so you can pretend to be an employee of this company.
  • A pay stub and a certificate of registration can be issued under the name of the company.
  • You can work on your desired date and time.
  • The one-person apartment dormitories are available.
  • Nurseries are available.
  • The chauffeur service is available.
  • You can go outside while waiting customers.
  • All the masseuses can use single waiting rooms.
  • All the waiting rooms are equipped with PCs.
  • Water dispensers are equipped.
  • We offer the opportunity for a trial experience of work.
  • You can get esthetic massage training for free.
  • Transportation fees for a job interview will be paid.
  • You can have a job interview around your neighboring station.

E-mail:rct@shinagawa-esthe.jp TEL:0120-119-667

Feel free to inquire anything, no matter how trifling.
At any time, the operators in charge of employment answer it politely and carefully.
In a job interview, we confirm that you are 18 years and over, and NOT a high-school student.
Therefore, you have to bring documents to prove your age: a license, a passport, and the like.
Students, office workers, housewives, the inexperienced, and the experienced, all the applicants are warmly welcomed!

Message for

Are you interested in stunning work delighting customers? You can acquire the skills of esthetics (beauty treatment) at the high-grade erotic esthetic salon of the leading company.

You will never be touched or contact customers mucosally. Every service is light.
Esthetic massage is not so difficult, so experience is not necessary.
For the inexperienced, complimentary esthetic massage training and the instruction manual is provided.

Experienced applicants will be paid well from the date of entering, so make full use of the skills you have cultivated.

The wages and benefits are the best in the industry. For example, if your customer selects the shortest course (70 minutes), 20,500 yen are paid to you without deduction. As benefits, we offer the front company, chauffeur service, single waiting rooms equipped with PCs, apartment dormitories, nurseries, and more!

All of you, including students, mothers, and office workers, can work brilliantly in our salon.

Moreover, to let every masseuse start working with relief, we guarantee a certain amount of wages for waiting time, and 300,000 yen (money to congratulate entering) will be paid at first.
If you come to work regularly, it is possible to earn more than 2,000,000 yen in a month.
You can work steadily, because the job is so light that it does not impose a burden on your body.

Feel free to inquire anything, no matter how trifling.
With all our strength, we will support you so that you can achieve your own goal.

What will you do at Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is the high-grade erotic esthetic salon, offering oil massage to wealthy and gentlemanly customers.

To delight customers will be your job. You will learn marvelous skills of massage through the training supervised by the professional esthetic massage instructor, and then give customers genuine aromatherapy massage.

Both experienced and inexperienced applicants are warmly welcomed.
The experienced can give their skills a boost at our salon.
We have created the plain and reliable instruction manual, so the inexperienced can start working with relief.

What is important for our job is to value womanliness and thoughtfulness, and to give powerful emotions to customers in front of you.
By doing so, you can earn significant wages by safe job.

Do you feel uneasy
about our high wages?

The questions below are a part of typical questions sent by the applicants.
These answers must be helpful for those who have the same questions or uneasiness.

Why the wages are so high, even though Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is not a fashion-health club or a brothel, but an esthetic salon?
I feel afraid that there is something more than meets the eye.

It is stated like that "The course includes oral service". Will I have to serve a blow job?
If some specific options are applied, will I have to be naked?

This salon is very high-grade. Does this mean that looks or figures are included in the requirements for recruitment?

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Job offer of outcall masseuses from Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo, the erotic esthetic salon in Shinagawa

We are always strongly looking for Kaishun, sensual esthetics, and outcall masseuses.
Every service we offer is light, but over 70% of proceeds will be paid to masseuses as their wages.
Many professional esthetic massage instructors, female staff, and hair and makeup artists belong to our salon, which enables masseuses to learn knowledge and skills of massage and beauty treatment while in work.
Substantial benefits as well as considerable wages are contained in our job offer.
The dormitories, nurseries, front company, no deduction from wages, chauffeur service, single waiting rooms, hair making, 300,000 yen to congratulate entering, and more and more.
Thanks to these cordial benefits, every masseuse can work comfortably in our salon for a long time.
Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have anything you feel unclear or uneasy about.
Just an exchange of E-mails is fine. If you want, you can come to view our salon or have a job interview, or else you can work with us for one day as an experiment to find out what our job is really like.
Last but not least, "Photo Job Interview" system is available. Just by sending a photo of your face and a profile via E-mail, you can undergo our job interview without coming to our salon. Feel free to use this convenient system.

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