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Anna Kujo


Anna Kujo(25)

H:157 86(E)/55/84

  • Height…157cm
  • B/W/H…86(E)/55/84
  • Appearance…Beautiful lady, suggestive of celebrate's daughter 
  • Blood Type…AB 
  • Personality…Easygoing 
  • Hobbies…Cooking 
Nice to meet you, I'm Anna Kujo,

I'll exert myself to my utmost.

In order to make you feel pleasant together with me, I'll study massage and esthetics harder.

Thank you for reading my message.

Appearance…Beautiful lady, suggestive of celebrate's daughter

  • Blood Type…AB
  • Personality…Easygoing
  • Hobbies…Cooking

Staff's Comment

◆A therapist certified by All Nippon Esthetic Association (AEA)◆

■Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo No.2 therapist■

Elegant looks suggestive of a celebrate's daughter, and slender figure with E-cup breasts.

"Perfect" is the only word we can imagine when describing her, eminently alluring lady.

The skills of esthetics and native tenderness are perfectly mixed, offering blissful healing with pleasant sensations from head to toe.


Yes, really, deep and sweet time.
She looked at me all the time while she gave me a nice massage. I actually panicked.

Thank you, Anna.

Mr.Kaihatsusaremashita (Japanese Customer)

Hello, I had such a good massage from Anna, so I decided to leave my comments here. Sorry for my poor English. I was horny when I waited for my next business meeting. I searched Outcall Massage in Tokyo, and I found the store. The store has an excellent website (I checked a lot of escort agency, but I think this store have the best design). The receptionist who picked up my phone was a lovely female person. The service is the only body to body massage and half service because I didn't want to get any STDs.  Anna arrived at my room 20 minutes after I called, exact time receptionist told me. Be honest I surprised, she is the same person in the photos on the website. I would say she is better than pictures. She offered me Japanese tea when I paid to her. After she set up the bed, she took me to the bathroom and washed my body sticking her body, gently touched my son and washed gently. After we took a bath together, she started with a dry massage, she told me used to study at massage school, probably didn't know how to ask in English, so she used google translator and asked me how do I feel good. She put massage oil over my body, gave me nice Nuru massage using her body, while she gave me Nuru massage, she sucked/licked my nipple and all over my body including my foot. She started touching my penis, asked me 'Kimochii?' I'm glad I only knew this Japanese word from a porno. I think she gave me hand-job, but it was better than hand-job. I don't know how to describe that, but I thought she put my penis into her sweet spot. After I came, she gave a gentle hug and kissed, so I decided to stay with her 30 minutes more. 

Good for: Who wants to have a great massage with a super cute Japanese lady 
Bad for: Who wants to talk with the lady in English or your language.


She is a marvelous lady.

From beginning till the end, I wondered whether I was in a dream.

If only I had been able to meet her earlier.

I already miss her...

Mr.早起き(Japanese customer)

Experienced graceful healing.

I was able to spend a pleasant and happy time, so I'm planning to meet her again!

Thank you for all.

Mr.Y(Japanese customer)

Perfectly satisfied.

The pressure of massage was appropriate for me, so there was nothing to say about the 160-minute session.

I will book her session again.

Mr.福岡のK(Japanese customer)

I thought she was a very beautiful woman  at first sight 

I was nervous because she was so close from begining(When she undressed me).
Even when washing the body was a perfectly erotic body to body .

It ended a little bit early (I could not stand it to her erotic massage), but it took a foot massage in the rest of  time.

It felt good.



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