Mizuki Kirishima


Mizuki Kirishima(21)




Escort's Info

  • Height163cm
  • B/W/H87(F)/56/86
  • SmokeNo
  • OccupationEsthetician, Instagrammer
  • HobbiesMost of the things that people like are hobbies!
  • Favourite FoodOther than carrots! I like fruits!
  • Most Attractive FeaturesSmile, smooth long hair
  • Date SpotsDelicious food!
  • When I lost my virginityHigh school freshman
  • What makes me feel hornyWhen you're blaming yourself,,


I’m Mizuki!! I'm good at intimate massages that will leave you feeling melty! We will do our best to heal you! thank you!

Staff's Comment

☆★☆★Famous influencer★☆★☆

☆★☆★Intense intimate massage★☆★☆

☆★☆★Charming Venus★☆★☆

☆★☆★A talented esthetician with qualifications★☆★☆

From a smile full of lovely grace and kindness,
She is a woman who exudes a maiden-like purity and cleanliness!!
A charming, gentle and charming tone,
You can feel the good upbringing and exceptional elegance of his every move.

Her white skin, which is both beautiful and extremely smooth, is very impressive.
I want to keep our bodies together forever...
It's full of charm that makes you feel that urge.

She is proud of her beautiful body and rich F bust.
The hip line from the waist makes you want to gently reach out and hug her!
The style of bonkkyubbon is the ultimate in elegance.

Her smooth, long black hair is flowing.
Elegant and fresh lips bring out your beauty,
She looks like a model and attracts men's attention.

It seems that she is taking advantage of her beauty and is active in many places such as Instagram.
She is a very popular influencer.
It's no surprise that it's popular because of its looks.

Of course the massage skills are top notch!!
Close contact massage from a working esthetician
Please enjoy!!

Also, she is compatible with nice men, especially those who are gentlemen and have a relaxed manner.
He is also a good listener, and we naturally get along well with each other.
And gradually, the eyes staring at you become bewitching...
A high-quality figure wrapped in bold luster,
You will feel pleasure like you have never felt before.

Surrender yourself to a rich and skilled massage!!

She will definitely be very popular, so
We look forward to your early reservation.


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