Rumi Kagura


Rumi Kagura(21)




Escort's Info

  • Height160cm
  • B/W/H83(B)/54/83
  • SmokeNo
  • OccupationFemale college student
  • HobbiesRolling around at home
  • Favourite FoodFruits
  • Most Attractive FeaturesEye
  • Date SpotsDrive to the sea
  • When I lost my virginityI'm 18 years old
  • What makes me feel hornyIf you see what men are feeling...


I'm Rumi. I want to see your brother's face...(〃∇〃)

Staff's Comment

[Completely inexperienced in the industry]

[Eight-headed beauty with shining looks]

Another golden rookie is born at our Gran Esthe Tokyo!

The interviewer can't hide his surprise at the orthodox beauty with a well-equipped face.
She is a cute S-class beauty that everyone will recognize!!

Overwhelmingly slender model figure that stands out from the crowd at our store
Big eyes with a strong presence and a very small face...
Astonishing eight-headed beauty!!!

The moment you meet them, you can see the customers posing with fist pumps in their minds!

-Meeting with the finest and most beautiful BODY-
A small but well-shaped beautiful breast and a body with a firm constriction
Your eyes will be glued to it.

Although he is completely inexperienced in this industry, his specialty is teasing, and he has some devilish elements.
I feel joy in seeing the man's pleasing appearance and the overflowing endurance juice
And she herself feels horny...
Just imagining being teased by such a peerless beauty is irresistible!!

With a carefree and mischievous smile, this rejuvenating massage is sure to captivate the world's men!
I promise that you will be absorbed in saying "I want to see you again".

Enjoy the finest moments to your heart's content
[Rumi Kagura] All the staff are delighted to be able to deliver the finest "beauty" and eros of chan.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Hurry up!!


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