Yuzuha Yukikawa


Yuzuha Yukikawa(22)




Escort's Info

  • Height165cm
  • B/W/H85(D)/57/86
  • SmokeNo
  • OccupationStudent
  • HobbiesLooking at constellations with a home projector
  • Favourite FoodFruit
  • Most Attractive FeaturesEye
  • Date SpotsAquarium
  • When I lost my virginity14 years old
  • What makes me feel hornyWhen you're flirting


It's my first time and I don't know, There is only the feeling of service! Thank you!!

Staff's Comment

[Completely inexperienced in the industry]

[Announcer-type beauty]

A beautiful woman who emits a lovely sex appeal from the back of her bright and lovely expression enters the store.

For large and beautiful eyes that are impressive and patchy,
Her skin is as smooth as transparent porcelain, and her beautiful nose is just like an announcer.

Always keep smiling, look straight in the eyes, speak gently,
Also, the elegance and beauty of her figure listening to the story sincerely
It is no exaggeration to say that it is a work of art!

Long straight limbs, tight waist from bust,
A beautiful hip line is the best style.

It's like looking at a tall flower, and it's hard to get close to it, so I tend to keep my distance.
You will forget the distance the moment you exchange a single word.
She is so straight that she feels defenseless, so much that she naturally creates a place in people's hearts.
He is honest and friendly.

In modern society, where there is a lot of stress,
Encounter with her soothes my wounded and tired heart.
It will be a high-quality cooling agent and will be the best memory that you will never forget.


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