Non Kawaei

6 Dec 14:00

Non Kawaei(20)





  • Height158cm
  • B/W/H86(E)/55/84
  • AppearanceKawa ○ Rina very similar beautiful girl
  • Blood TypeA
  • Personality
  • Hobbies


It's my first time, so I think there are some points that I can't reach, but I want to deliver a lot of healing!
70 min 100 min 130 min 160 min 190 min Extra
30 min
Dating course
70 min
¥30,000 ¥40,000 ¥50,000 ¥60,000 ¥70,000 ¥10,000 ¥16,000
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Staff's Comment

Kindness that wraps everything in spite of being a small body,
An overflowing service spirit and a therapist with a delicate care
It is an introduction of [Rina Kawaei].

A different dimension of healing in the overflowing hospitality
Adrenaline will culminate in the harmony of the space of pleasure.

Being a really humble woman, I already know how to make a man.
A rich play that betrays your imagination in a good way.
Nevertheless, she is a very pure woman with a straightforward personality and a very gentle personality.

When I touched her elegant and moist and pure atmosphere,
There is no doubt that you will be immersed in a feeling of euphoria that is not worth mentioning.
The door to a dreamlike world that never wakes up is here ...

Looking at endless topics and carefree smiles
You will feel that the time you spend together is short.

When you say the body you care about,
A slender, slender and beautiful body line with a solid and well-shaped bust,
The beautiful skin that has been well-groomed is also wonderful, and the moment you meet and take off your clothes, you will swallow raw spit.
With an adult personality, you can feel the kindness of caring for various places while being elegant.

I can't find the way to complain no matter where I look.
The visuals that seem to be an actress keep smiling from everyone.

She has a pure and beautiful heart
There is no doubt that just being in the same space as her, who always has a lovely expression, will make you forget all the daily fatigue.

And a beautiful face with big eyes that seems to be sucked,
The smile that I sometimes show while being a little shy is very cute and I fall in love.
Become her good partner as you climb the stairs to adults step by step.


Topless & Thong
Dry Massage
Full Body Oil Massage
Shower Play
Nuru Massage
Body to Body Massage
Face Sitting
Hand Job
Japanese Kaishun Massage
Tits fuck
Dating Course


University student
Watching movies
Favourite Food
Wish List
Most Attractive Features
Mole next to the mouth
Ideal Man
Funny person
Date Spots
Movie theatre
When I lost my virginity
Eighteen years old
What makes me feel horny
When I'm lonely
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