1. Makina Karasawa

Makina Karasawa


Makina Karasawa(23)

H:167 83(C)/55/82

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  • NEW<
  • Height…167cm
  • B/W/H…83(C)/55/82
  • Appearance…Fascinating and bewitching beauty 
  • Blood Type…AB 
  • Personality… 
  • Hobbies… 
Nice to meet you. This is my first time at an esthetic shop, but I would like to have a massage that will relieve the fatigue of our customers. I am very confident about the prostate, so if you want to understand your butt and heart, please come and visit us.

Staff's Comment

Blame a man and get pleasure
A therapist with outstanding eroticism has entered the store

We are a therapist who has all the goodness of hospitality, eroticism, and style looks, which is suitable for high-class customs esthetics [Grand Esthe].

Tall 167 cm, slender figure, beautiful skin, big and cute eyes that seem to be drawn in

It ’s a fascinating and bewitching [Makina Karasawa].
Occasionally a glimpse of a girl with a smile when laughing

A face that combines beautiful and cute

Also, his personality is very polite and amiable.

I forget the passage of time when talking
You will be able to enjoy such a moment

Of course, you can enjoy high-level massage,
I'm impatient with the beautiful and cute [Makina Karasawa] ...

Good play is prostate massage
Whether you are new or accustomed to it, you will surely be satisfied.

You'll also be knocked out of the gap that you like to attack
Have you ever met such a pretty naughty therapist?

Please enjoy the high level massage and rejuvenation that only our shop can offer.

We promise that our customers will be satisfied.

We look forward to your reservation



Topless & Thong
Dry Massage
Full Body Oil Massage
Shower Play
Nuru Massage
Body to Body Massage
Face Sitting
Hand Job
Japanese Kaishun Massage
Tits fuck
Dating Course


Favourite Food
Melon and prosciutto
Wish List
Card case
Most Attractive Features
Big eyes
Ideal Man
People with thick body / M people
Date Spots
Delicious rice shop
When I lost my virginity
16 years old
What makes me feel horny
When I see what a man feels
Prostate massage
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