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Yuna Nagano(26)




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  • Height165cm
  • B/W/H89(G)/57/84
  • SmokeNo
  • OccupationOffice Worker
  • HobbiesWatching TV shows
  • Favourite FoodSweets
  • Most Attractive FeaturesEars
  • Date SpotsKorean barbecue restaurant (yakiniku)
  • When I lost my virginity18
  • What makes me feel hornyWhen I'm alone by myself at night


Good evening, I'm Yuna Nagano! Welcome to Tokyo! Are you here for sightseeing, or is it for work? Whenever you feel tired in body or mind, or when you crave the warmth of a woman's affection, please consider meeting with me! I'll do my best to soothe both your heart and body. I would be delighted if we could spend some wonderful time together. I'm looking forward to the day we can meet.
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  • ■Meguro, Shibuya, Minato3,000yen~
  • ■Shinjuku, Chuo, Chiyoda, Ota4,000yen~
  • ■Setagaya, Toshima, Nakano, Taito5,000yen~
  • ■Other areas6,000yen~
  • *For home+1,000 yen 
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  • ・No Sex, touching, blowjob, kissing
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Welcome to an oasis of pleasure nestled in the heart of Tokyo, where a breathtaking journey of sensuality awaits. Discover the allure of our exquisite Tokyo escort, "Yuna".

Yuna, at 26, is a radiant Japanese escort, representing the pinnacle of enticing sophistication and alluring beauty. Standing at 165cm, with a radiant white complexion, her captivating features mirror the allure of Tokyo's city lights. Her personality, as gentle as a cherry blossom in spring, contrasts harmoniously with her naughty side, offering an intoxicating blend of charm and intrigue.

As an escort near me, Yuna will arrive with her mesmerizing G-cup bust, that is both beautiful and irresistibly naughty. The sight of her beautiful big tits will leave you breathless and pining for her titillating body-licking, a talent popular among many discerning gentlemen. Her style, beautiful and captivating, is an embodiment of her uniquely Japanese aesthetics, radiating a charm that is both adorable and irresistible.

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Yuna's an amazing person. I had a good time meeting her. She makes you feel at ease and she is at ease herself. I am glad I could meet her. She literally cured me of my pandemic blues.


Yuna really did give an amazing experience, she is so much fun and a real hottie. Never a dull moment and in the sack she is off the hook!


What an experience. Great body great personality. Very active & she really enjoys what she does. So did I... definitely returning soon to explore more of her...


I was very satisfied with the service, or even exceeded my expectations. Good looks, good care, good massage, good service, and great eroticism. I have never been so satisfied. It was a different dimension. She listened to me and was very receptive, and I have nothing more to say. I would like to see her again.


I was really healed today.
I have never met such an outstandingly beautiful, personable, caring, and easy to talk to woman like Yuna.

When she approached me at the meeting, she was so beautiful that my heart actually jumped out of my chest.
I was filled with a sense of superiority when I walked with Yuna-san.

The massage was very pleasant, and I experienced for the first time the shoulder blade stripping.
Thanks to the massage, my shoulders were loosened up and stiffness was gone, so I will be able to work hard again.

I will come back to see you again and we will have a lot to talk about then as well (#^. ^#)


It was my first time here and I was very satisfied with the service provided by the girls and the staff.

The girls are very beautiful! And the service was very polite, including the language! The attention to detail was great.

Her style is just right! Her skin was moist and smooth! Smooth skin! Her massage was very good and very comfortable. Her skin was smooth and silky and we had a very close contact, which made me feel very erotic and happy!

It was very good!


I've met her dozens of times and she is a very nice lady.

When you meet her, you will be surprised by her looks, and her inner charm is even more remarkable, which is why you want to see her again and again.

The more thoughtful you are with her, the more she will be with you.

The more we treat her with consideration, the more her expressions and gestures will reach their maximum cuteness, and it will be unbearable!

The limited time I have with her makes me feel even more precious and valuable.

I will support Yuna-san with all my heart!


Even though it was the second time in a very long time, she remembered what we talked about and even what we were wearing last time. I felt embarrassed at my incompetence (laugh).
(laughs) The treatment was also quite powerful and made my body feel much better, but what I should mention is the first body wash. It was a little erotic, and just when I thought he was washing me carefully, he suddenly started scrubbing me hard (laughs). I couldn't get enough of the slow and steady pace.

I was too busy talking to her, but the finish after the massage must have been more erotic than it should have been... I was looking forward to the next time.
If you haven't found a good direction in esthetics, why don't you try Ms. Nagano once?

Thank you very much!



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