1. Yuzu Ichinose

Yuzu Ichinose


Yuzu Ichinose(24)

H:171 83(C)/55/83

  • Height…171cm
  • B/W/H…83(C)/55/83
  • Appearance…黒髪清楚な女優系 
  • Blood Type…
  • Personality…明るい 
  • Hobbies…旅行、映画 
初めまして、93です。 マッサージには自信があり、癒す事が大好きです。 気持ちの良い時間を一緒に過ごしたいと思います。 お会いできる事を楽しみにお待ちしております。


  • Blood Type…O
  • Personality…明るい
  • Hobbies…旅行、映画

Staff's Comment

◆国際エステ講師認定技術修了セラピスト◆ ◆国際エステ講師認定ジェニタルケア技術マスターセラピスト◆ ■グランエステ東京 11ヶ月連続No.1セラピスト■ 艶のあるロングの黒髪に透き通る様な綺麗な瞳の美少女です。 女優の栗山○明を彷彿とさせる、清楚な雰囲気に高身長のスーパーモデルスタイル。 現役のエステティシャンでもございますので、マッサージのクオリティも抜群です。 絶対的な癒しとエロの時間をご体感頂けるセラピストでございます。


Before I met her, I was so nervous and she is just too beautiful, so I was afraid to talk to her. But I calm down when I saw her kind face. Of course, massage is the best. Every service is the best. Her therapy makes everyone into her. I'm so scared to get into her. 

Mr.Puzzled 40 years old guy

Thank you very much for the session on 20th.

I booked her, charmed by her photo on the website. Open a door to see her, then, at first sight, I was astonished by her beautiful face.

I knew that Gran Erotic Tokyo Massage would never retouch photos too much, and all masseuses are top-notch, but her looks and figure were far beyond my expectations. Besides them, skills at massage were high-quality, so everyone won't be able to avoid falling love in her at first sight.
I believe firmly that it's no exaggeration to say this salon is the safest in this industry, because it doesn't fool customers by retouched photos or false advertising.

Ms. Yuzu is really beautiful. She is so tall, but it doesn't disturb me. Slender figure, attractive face, and when it comes to legs, they are slim and long.
I have a leg fetish, so for me, her legs are irresistibly good. There's a proverb, "Heaven does not grant people more than one talent", but actually, heaven granted Ms. Yuzu many talents, I thought. Just wandering about town, you won't be able to meet such a wonderful lady. As a matter of face, I wasn't!
So, my appreciation to Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo can't be expressed in words.

Ms. Yuzu is elegant, and she can catch the mood. Very polite, meticulous lady.

She was born with the skills at esthetics, and learned the skills at massage through training making her a wonderful masseuse◎
I'd never experienced such an awesome technique. Her massage was so pleasant that I couldn't help saying "It's good".

I wanted to feel pleasantness forever, so I restrained the urge to ejaculate, but that was not the way the ball bounces in the real world. Ms. Yuzu's technique made me ejaculate in one breath.

Disparity in their skills was evident, between Ms. Yuzu and inexperienced masseuses.
After ejaculation, my penis continued to stand erect due to excessive sexual sensations, I thought.

Ms. Yuzu is a two-faced lady. She was graceful when talking to me, but when the time came for massage, she became sexy with voluptuousness on her beautiful face. At the same time, she started whispering obscene words to me, boosting my satisfaction and sexual sensations.

And, above all, her biggest attractiveness is technique of sensuous massage!

Mr.埼玉県越谷市添(Japanese customer)

She was amiable than I had expected, for she dealt with me as if she were my friend (in a good way).
I was completely relieved.
The more times I told her that I felt pleasant, the more delighted she became, and I loved it.
I was moved so much, because I had never thought that she did such a sensual thing for me.
Thanks a lot.

Mr.やっさん(Japanese customer)

She was the most beautiful lady I ever met, but also friendly at the same time. She really treated me as her real friend.

I mean…to be honest, I wish I have met her as a friend.

I think no one can treat her bad, when you are with her…even if you are normally bossy. I really appreciate the time we spent together. It was that nice.

For me, it was the first and also the last time to use this kind of service, but I’m really glad I tried. Thank you so much for a nice time! Please take care of yourself.  


I was moved by a her natural beauty.
Much better  than a photograph on webpage.

Her style was excellent, and as her former job was esthetician, her techinic of massage was also the highest level and perfectly comfortable.

And she had plenty of service spirit and had a great satisfaction time all the time.

I made a reservation for the next time already. It is perfect indeed.

Thank you again.


She was a beautiful woman who was impressive with a slippery style and familiar smile.

I thought it would be great if I had such a girlfriend like her.


I was surprised that she was very beautiful than the picture on the webpage.

As she was masseuse before, her massage was truly good and I was healed.

I will definitely nominate again!



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