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Half-Service is King of Japanese Sex Escorts -Tekoki-

Do you like a hand job?

You can enjoy a lot of technique in fuzoku store. I would say hand job is the original play. Ladies will use their hand and make you cum. Classic style. If ladies are good at hand job, it'll be better than fucking sometimes.

I'm going to talk about Hand Job, this time.

A handjob is a classic style to make you cum. Touching your penis, and makes feel good. You use your hand to masturbate. Or Fingering to ladies and make them feel good. I would say fingering is Hand Job as well. You're jacking off your big cock... If you are reading my article, you know how good feel is masturbating.

Do you remember, the first time you jack off? Man, I cannot forget the old time. When I was in junior high, I watched Porno and erotic magazines with my buddies. My buddies and I even did treasure hunting in erotic magazines dumpster that we could find in every town. When you think about your sweet memories, you might get morning wood.

Are you saying, 'I don't want to pay for just hand-job.' Man, seriously? You don't know anything. A handjob is like fried rice in Chinese foods or Carbonara in Italian foods. If you take seriously, a handjob is going to be better than sex. Ladies who are working at a half-service store, they know the hand-job skills.




There is the fuzoku store you can enjoy only a Handjob.

First, which fuzoku shop have a handjob service? I would say every fuzoku stores have the service. In Japanese escort service, a lady gets top of you and rubs her sweet spot against the penis. It calls Sumata in Japanese. If a lady just starts working at escort service, she gets on top of you, and give you a handjob. If a lady has technic, they can provide you a sumata. Even you are on top of a lady. They will hold your penis nearby they are secret spot and give you a handjob. This technic calls Shumata in Japanese. You can enjoy fucking without full-service. So many Tekoki Fuzoku and Onakura which only provide a handjob in Tokyo.

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Pros in Tekoki-Fuzoku

Are you saying, escort service(Deri-heru) is better than half-service(tekoki-fuzoku)? You can find so many advantages at the half service store. I used the store many times, so I'll talk about five pros at Tekoki-Fuzoku.

High-Level Ladies

I think this is why I used Only hand job store several times. In escort service, the store says 'New Lady' or 'She is cute,'  but the new lady used to work at in the escort service. Or She isn't even cute. The half-service store only provides light service (hand job.) Ladies don't need to kiss or have sex. That is why there are so many ladies work in Tekoki-fuzoku. It's an easy job and good pay. So many cute ladies that you can see in the town are working in the store. If you look at their profile, it says college students or around 20 years-old who just starts working in a company. If you like a pure and natural lady, you should go there. Let's say you choose Watching Service. The lady gives you surprised and good acts when you cum. You will be satisfied with only jacking off the front of cute ladies.


If you want to have an escort service, usually it will cost 15000yen to 20000yen for an hour. You will pay less at half-service. Good news for every gentleman who doesn't get paid well. Escort service usually starts with 40min, but you can play half-service starting with 20mins. You can go after work, or even you can go to the store when you have a lunch break.

Don't need to worry about getting STDs.

I don't want to talk about STDs, but you need to think about getting them from an escort service. Usually, ladies tested often. You still can get some tho. If you have a wife or girlfriend, they don't want to get STDs, because you played at fuzoku store. If you are worried about your love, you don't need to worry about getting some in Tekoki-fuzoku. 0% of the risk. At half service store, you aren't able to take lady's clothes off, so you don't need to feel sorry for your love.

Enjoy conversation.

If you don't need to talk with ladies, maybe you should skip reading this article to the end. Ladies at erotic massage or half-service store, I think these ladies are easy to talk. Ladies don't have an experience at the store, so you can have fun chatting with pure ladies. When you speak with a lady, she will get used to you. She gives you a better massage. You can also teach how to do a handjob.

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Do you still think JUST HAND JOB? You can enjoy a handjob so many ways. You can find a new world if you never been to the store.

Enjoy your sex life! xoxo

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