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Japanese Escort Service -Onakura-

Hi there! Welcome to Gran Erotic Japan Blog.
Today, I’m going to talk about “Onakura” (オナクラ).Have you ever stumbled across this word? I think most of you have not. Why? It’s peculiar to Japan.
Japanese “Hentai” culture is now widely known in the world, and Onakura is a type of it.

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The word origin of “Onakura”

You may think it’s a Japanese word, from its impression, but actually, Japanese doesn’t get involved in this word.

“Onakura” can be divided into “Ona” and “kura”. “Ona” stands for “Onanie”, which means “masturbation” in German, and it’s after the biblical character Onan. He is a son of Judah, and Judah forced him to marry his brother’s widow, Tamar. According to Genesis 38:9, “he spilled it (semen) on the ground, lest he should give seed to his brother”. Although we masturbate just for sexual sensations, Onan’s onanie is similar to today’s masturbation in that we spill semen rather than pour it in the vagina.

“Kura” is an abbreviation for “club”. Yeah, I know what you want to say. They are quite different from each other.
Between Japanese and English, letters corresponding to certain sounds are different. In this case, /k/ sound is expressed only by “k”, and both /l/ and /r/ sound are expressed by “r” in Japanese (romaji notation). So, in Japanese sensibility, they are similar to each other. These are the origin of “Onakura”. In short, “Onakura” doesn’t originate from Japanese words, and it means “masturbation club” or “masturbating club". From this information, we can guess Onakura is a Fuzoku shop where men can masturbate.

How it works?

The answer is very simple. Men can masturbate as they like, and girls keep watching it until ejaculation. This is why many men pay for masturbating.
Of course, we can masturbate at our home whenever you like for free. But, when it comes to showing masturbation to girls, we have to get a girlfriend or a sexfriend sympathetic about exhibitionism.
Getting a girlfriend just to show masturbation! It’s absolutely ridiculous. If we pay for Onakura shops, we don’t need to travel such a roundabout way.


Usually, shops offer a normal course and some additional options. All you can do in a normal course is show off masturbation to a girl. That’s it. In most Onakura shops, customers can ejaculate as many times as they want. For those who can’t be satisfied with a normal course, some options are offered. With an additional fee, girls give a hand job, lick your nipples, and become topless, or you can touch girls’ breasts, enjoy facesitting, or even you can watch masturbation of girls! Masturbation at Onakura is not just masturbation. Onakura enables men to enjoy masturbation in various ways. Moreover, rates (prices) of Onakura shops are generally reasonable. For example, Shimbashi Heart Clinic, an Onakura shop operated by Cinderella Fc Group, provides a 2,500-yen-per-20-minutes course. Even in this inexpensive course, you can enjoy showing masturbation, lube, consulting erotic things, being tickled by a girl, and more and more and more (with no additional fee!). For those who think like “there’s nothing I like more than masturbation!!”, Onakura is the best selection to give Japanese Fuzoku a try.

It is true that you can masturbate wherever you are, but masturbation in front of adorable girls is one of what you can do only in Japan. And more, you don’t have to pay a large amount of money. Have you got interested in Onakura? You can find Onakura shops of Cinderella Fc Group on this page.

Enjoy masturbating in Japan!

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