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Guide of "Prostate Massage" in "Tokyo" !!

Guide of _Prostate Massage_ in _Tokyo_

Do you know what a Prostate Massage is?

Prostate massage is so pleasurable that many men become addicted to it once they have experienced it. But if you've ever wondered, "What exactly does it involve? "I want to try it, but will it harm me? There are many men who are interested in the idea, but are not sure what to expect.

In this article, we will explain prostate massage to you. (At the end of this article, we will also recommend some of the Best Prostate Massage Escorts in Tokyo).

To explain prostate massage in simple terms, it is a service that uses fingers or special equipment to stimulate the prostate, an organ located under the bladder.

The prostate is a unique male organ located just below the bladder. It is about the size of a walnut (about 3cm) and can be touched through the rectum by inserting a finger through the anus to the second joint and bending it towards the abdomen. It is slightly rough to the touch and has a crunchy feel to it.

The role of the prostate is to secrete prostatic fluid, which is part of the semen. The prostatic fluid protects the sperm and helps to deliver them into the urethra. The prostate is still an enigmatic organ, but it is believed that stimulating it can help to relieve erectile dysfunction. For this reason, massaging the prostate is also used in the treatment of ED.

There is also a theory that the prostate is the female equivalent of the G-spot. So you can imagine that a prostate massage can be quite pleasurable.

So how exactly is a prostate massage performed?

To perform a prostate massage, a finger or other object is inserted through the anus. It is difficult to insert a finger into the anus when the body is tense and tight, so the escort girls in Tokyo will give you an oil or powder massage to relax your body.

The woman will then apply a generous amount of lotion to the anus and, wearing thin rubber gloves on her hands, will gently massage the area around the man's anus with her fingertips.

Prostate massage

The basic posture for a prostate massage is on all fours. This position is the most relaxed and the easiest for the prostate massage.

When the tension around the anus has been relieved and the sphincter muscles softened by the massage, the index or middle finger is inserted into the anus. If the man exhales deeply at the same time as the girl inserts her finger, the sphincter will relax further and the insertion will be smoother.

You may feel a tickling sensation in your anus during the insertion, but this is a normal reaction and there is no need to be worried or embarrassed.

It is also a normal physiological response for some people to feel the need to have a bowel movement. This is a normal physiological response and very rarely results in a poo leak. If you are really worried, we recommend emptying your bowels beforehand with a fig enema or similar.

When the fingers are inserted, the prostate area, which is located on the stomach side inside the rectum, is gently massaged with the belly of the finger by pushing and tapping. At this point, you will feel a warm sensation in the prostate area, just like the sensation you get just before ejaculation.

Prostate massage2

It is difficult to ejaculate with just this prostate massage, but once you get used to it, you will experience a feeling similar to ejaculation (dry orgasm). A dry orgasm is a climax that does not involve ejaculation. If you have been masturbating before you have had your first orgasm, you will understand what it feels like. (By the way, an orgasm with ejaculation is also called a wet orgasm.)

A dry orgasm is characterized by a continuous climax, whereas a wet orgasm is only pleasurable for a moment. Dry orgasms are also called "female orgasms" because of the intense pleasure that is felt all over the body, not just around the penis.

After the prostate massage, the escort girls will stimulate the penis with her hands to finish the massage. Some people find it easier than usual to get an erection and ejaculate after a prostate massage. Many men are addicted to the feeling of ejaculation, which is different from ejaculation with a hand job only.

Prostate massage3

A prostate massage can cause a man to "ejaculate" on his own. This phenomenon is known as "tokoroten".

The composition of this fluid is slightly different to that of normal semen.

In a normal ejaculation, spermatozoa produced in the testes are mixed with seminal fluid and prostatic fluid from the seminal vesicles (an organ located above the prostate gland) to form semen, which is then pumped into the urethra and ejaculated.

In contrast, in tokoro-ten, the prostate and seminal vesicles are stimulated and the prostatic fluid and seminal vesicles are released directly before the sperm are mixed. This does not mean that there is no sperm in the fluid, but the mechanism behind this is still unknown.

In addition, ejaculation is usually accompanied by orgasm, but not always. Tokoroten is also characterized by the fact that there is almost no wise man time and that you can experience continuous ejaculation.

Prostate massage5
The prostate is usually massaged with the fingers, but specialised instruments are also used.

One of the most common such devices is the Enemagra.

The Enemagra was originally developed by an American urologist to help patients suffering from prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia to perform prostate massage on their own.

As a result, it is not straight but has a varying thickness so that when it is placed in the anus it just touches the prostate. It also has a stick handle to make it easier to hold.

The Enemagra is T-shaped and the part that goes into the anus has a diameter of 2-3 cm, which prevents the Enemagra from going all the way into the anus.

There are different types of Enemagras available in different lengths, thicknesses and small shapes. If you have a choice of different types, it is best for beginners to choose the slimmer, easier to insert type. The position of the prostate gland varies slightly from person to person, so using the right one for you is the best way to achieve a dry orgasm.

In addition to the Enemagras, other tools used in prostate massage include vibrators and penis bands. These devices are available as an option. Some brothels will lend you a vibrator or Enemagra for free, so you can use them.

Some people are interested in prostate massage but are worried that if they put a foreign object in their anus, their asshole will become too wide.

As it turns out, you don't have to worry about that. When you get a prostate massage at a brothel, only one or two fingers are inserted, and the instruments used are only about two fingers thick, so there is no need to worry about your anus becoming too wide to return to its original position.

The anus is a very sensitive area. The girls who perform prostate massage are trained to do so safely. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

The prostate massage will give you a new feeling of pleasure that you have never experienced with ejaculation before. If normal stimulation is no longer enough for you, you may want to give it a try.

Prostate massage6

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Come and enjoy a prostate massage with us!

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