1. Supervised by Professional Esthetician

Supervised by Professional Esthetician

Supervised by Professional Eesthetic Massage Instructor

Not just being erotic, our massage enhances your health.

《Produced by Mr. Atsuya Kaise, who is famous for the website "Skincare University"》

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is an erotic esthetic salon, but all the our masseuses have mastered considerable skills of esthetic oil massage.

Generally, erotic esthetic salons conduct in-house training (staff teaches esthetic massage to masseuses,) and they advertise themselves using the catchphrase "We're conducting massage training to masseuses!"

Unlike these kind of salons, we conduct the massage training by the professional esthetic massage instructor. Therefore, our masseuses are remarkably skillful at esthetics.

Of course masseuses conduct sensual and Kaishun massage, but besides these, they ease the stiffness of your entire body with authentic oil massage.

Moreover, our massage training contains not only the esthetic massage, but also genital care, which includes testicle and Genital massage.

Our salon is very rare in that we offer body care as well as sexual pleasures.

At this high-class erotic esthetic salon, you can be fascinated by prime relaxation, marvelous body-to-body massage, and blissful ejaculation.

We guarantee the top-level quality of the masseuses, hospitality, and esthetic massage skill.