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Gran's Quality

Gran's Quality
-Tokyo Erotic Adult Nuru Massage-
Elegant, Therapeutic, Sexual

Gran's Vision
Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo is an executive massage brand produced by Candelabra FC Group which is the most popular Japanese escort agency in Tokyo.
Our vision is a beautiful blend of a most elegant lady, full-scale therapeutic massage, body to body erotic massage, a variety of hand relief techniques.
We strive for the most reliable erotic massage provider.
Your trust in our brand is important.

Elegant and Gracious Japanese Girls
Gran's girls are all fabulously Japanese.
The criteria of: have carefully selected them.
・Ssensitible and ethical
・Warm and caring
・Fun and comfortable to spend time with
・Beautiful looks and figures
・Only Japanese girls
Photo manipulation is not used to girl's images.
What you see is who you will meet with.
We proudly recommend you all the girls with confidence.

Therapeutic Massage Quality
Gran's therapeutic massage uses slow stroke technique to relax your body and mind while supporting your energy.
The massage affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and increase blood circulation. As a result, it helps rid the body and mind of tension.
The message includes:
・Gentle pressure massage
・Leg and foot massage
・Arm and shoulder massage
・Back and buttock massage
・Front massage
・Japanese Kaishun erotic massage
We have mineral oil, and also the selection of aroma noil available to your liking.
The benefit of Noil is:
・Skin-friendly and easy to remove in a shower, as Noil does not hold any oil in it.
・Easy for girls to approach to the skeletal points, as noil is thicker than massage oil.

Sexual Massage Quality
Hand your control to your topless girls
She will guide you to the extended arousal and deep pleasure of unforgettable happy ending, through the blend of:
・Body to body erotic massage
・Arousing stimulation with her and tongue
・Face-sitting with G-string on
・Groin lymphatic and testicle massage
・Unique hand relief as if it were simulated sexual intercourse
・Naughty soapy body cleaning in the shower

Professional Training & Expert Supervisor

Gran's girls are highly skilled therapists.

The training continues throughout their careers with Gran, maintaining and updating their massage skills.

Gran's massage quality has been carefully supervised by our expert beauty and body care therapist, Atsuya Kaise.

Risk Factors of STIs have been Removed

As the number of STI patients infected through oral mucosal contact (commonly adopted in escort services) is growing in both men and women, we have observed that increasing number of users of adult entertainment tend to choose "soft adult services" where sexually oral contact is reduced to a certain extent.

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo exercises extreme caution on this matter, and we provide "safe" sexual services.

Gran's menu has been carefully designed to remove any oral mucosal contact during the session, so we firmly believe there cannot be any risks of STI involved in our services.

Please enjoy Gran's "safe" erotic massage where therapeutic relaxation and sexual pleasure are uniquely integrated.

Your Personal Information is Securely Managed

Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo takes serious measures to protect our clients' personal information provided for us.

Our client's personal information is managed in a separate data storage terminal under rigorous security protections.

Your personally identifiable information (telephone, residential address, etc.) will not be disclosed to our girls.

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